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As a person, I like positivity around me. I try to see good even in the worst of the situation. As for dislikes, I can’t sustain an unnecessary nagging atmosphere. I love my individuality and sense of freedom. I need my solitude more often to be a sane person.

Other Authors

Author Laxmi Natraj Book the deadly echoes

Sharing Stories Interview with Author Laxmi Natraj

In Conversation with Author Laxmi Natraj BUY NOW!!! Q1. What was an early experience where you learned that language had

Poet Himanshu Goel Poems

Sharing Stories Interview with Author Himanshu Goel

In Conversation with Author Manali Desai BUY NOW!!! SS: Himanshu Goel, a poet, an insta-celebrity, an Author, tell us the

Motivational Speaker Yash Tiwari Author Interview

Sharing Stories Interview with Author Yash Tiwari

In Conversation with Author Yash Tiwari BUY NOW!!! SS: As a motivational speaker, Yash Tiwari advocates “Belief in Self” and

Featured Blog & Short Stories

Young Indian Bloggers Sonal Khiani Blogs

Thoughts of Sonal

The one you can recollect but never relive.🌙
From the technology of sending messages   To the technology of unsending messages many hearts broke and many healed!❣️


Word Impact Challenge August Entries

Word: “Happy Place” Winning Entry by Preethi Warrier Passage To Heaven.  I spotted her at our lavish French window, gazing


Picture Impact Poetry Challenge August Entries

Winning Entry by CHAITHANYA AJIT REMINESCENCE Her eyes as blue as her dress, Her smile as innocent as a child,

#1000WordsTales | “Human Emotions” | August Prompt”

#1000 Words Tales | Emotions | August Entries

#1000 Words Tales August Entries Winning Entry by Reshma Dugar I struggled towards the flight ticket counter with the bulky

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Sharing Stories Book Awards 2020

Sharing Stories Book Awards | 2020 Award Categories Romance  Thriller / Horror Self-Help / Motivational Poetry Fantasy / Sci-Fiction Anthologies


#1000WordsTales | “Human Emotions” | August Prompt”

#1000 Words Tales   Weave a story in 1000words in a situational prompt given by sharing stories. August 2020 Prompt.


Word Impact Series August Edition | Happy Place

Word Impact Challenge August 2020 Prompt.  “Your Happy Place”  More than six months have passed and we are stuck with

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