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Author Piya Gajbe

As a person, I like positivity around me. I try to see good even in the worst of the situation. As for dislikes, I can’t sustain an unnecessary nagging atmosphere. I love my individuality and sense of freedom. I need my solitude more often to be a sane person.

Other Authors

Author Interview Nipun Varma

Nipun Varma

Nipun Verma in Conversation Book Title : Adventures of an Indian Techie BUY NOW!!! 1.     “Sometimes, we do not get

Author Sourish Roy

Sourish Roy

Sourish Roy Book Title : Tales from Bengal Sourish Roy, an M.A. in English from Burdwan University and B.Ed. with specialization in

Author Shivani Salil

Shivani Salil

Shivani Salil in Conversation Book Title : Hiraeth – Partition Stories from 1947 BUY NOW!!! “Sometimes, we do not get

Sonal Khiani Blogger

Thoughts of Sonal

The one you can recollect but never relive.🌙
From the technology of sending messages   To the technology of unsending messages many hearts broke and many healed!❣️

Blogger Meryl Rock

The memoir of the Rainbow Humans

The memoir of the Rainbow Humans Speaking frankly, without pretence, this blog is not a typical write-up or an entreaty

Blogger Paras

Love Bites

Love Bites I am so shocked that your love bites are intruded in your skin and it is everywhere from

Sonal Khiani Blogger

Sonal Khiani Blogs

Memories.The one you can recollect but never relive.From the technology of sending messages   To the technology of unsending messages many


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Word Impact Series June Edition | Minimalism

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