The memoir of the Rainbow Humans

The memoir of the Rainbow Humans

Speaking frankly, without pretence, this blog is not a typical write-up or an entreaty to persuade a heap of readers to approve or accept a specific community or coterie, because personally i believe that regardless to any gender or gang, we are mortal humans first and possess the right to explore ourselves in this humane world. Hence, this natter solely hinges on these sentient beings who dared to take a hike to rainbowland and explored the beyond.
The impulse to write on this notion has been on my mind since the age of dinosaurs. No i wasn’t timid to go ahead with it, call me dauntless instead. Believe it or not, this eulogy has got me into some serious troubles, like sleeping with my eyes open, and yawning during yoga. However, i am a human who speaks my thoughts and eats my veggies, thus, let’s roll the rainbows!

What is LGBT+ community?

This question hindered my mind for weeks when i was first introduced to it, the LGBTQIA community might flash a number of words in your head, call it  sundry, different, or aberrant. As for me, it reminds me of one word in particular, “intrepid” which means fearless and adventurous, these two words together make one human being who doesn’t mind getting painted all over in rainbows and shouting “i am what i am” out loud.
If i ever have to take away anything from my brother’s “book of inevitable wisdom“, it would be this witty phrase, “Always stand up for yourself”, he made me recite this over and over again until i learnt the prominence of it.
Thus, personally, i believe, alone or in a community, always take a stand for yourself.
Now let me put some shade on the actual definition of the LGBT+ community according to society aspects.
LGBT+ community is far extended to LGBTQIA, it’s a group of people celebrating individuality, sexuality and diversity. However, many might fail to interpret the meaning behind each letter, so stay with me as i break it down for you,
L for Lesbian
G for Gay
B for Bisexual
T for Transgender
Q for Queer
I for Intersex
A for Asexual
Well, that sums it all up, and keeping this in mind, if you ever come across the  Pythagorean theorem, it couldn’t get any better than this.

“When you reduce life to black and white,


You can never see Rainbows” Anonymous


Why should we accept a specific community or an idea?


This question is not applicable in my book of values to be honest. I strictly do not prop up the ideology of castes and communities, gender and genres. A human shouldn’t be alienated in a humans world, we are beings fangled by the same creator and the absolute spitten image of each other, like two peas in a pod, we all have a heartbeat, we all bleed red. Thus, these crusades and combats are absolutely futile.
Living among a family of five, i know the quandaries of different mindsets, we never really happen to agree on every concept or idea but I’ve also learnt that love stands way higher than any of our differences. Similarly, even on planet earth, every human being is one of a kind, yet we hold different beliefs and thoughts, and that’s the beauty of it,  because if we had to think alike, the world would be monotonous and tedious. If we adhere to the quality of compromising and split the differences, i believe love will finally conquer one day.
My idea of humanity is a planet without tags and labels, the need to segregate and distribute the population into segments is not a smart move. The fact that gays, lesbians, transgender, and so on fall into the pride community, Muslims fall into the Islamic community, Catholics fall into the Christian community is so obligatory and compelling. We are clearly categorising humanity into parts and one day the glue will run out and it won’t hold us together anymore. We need to embrace our differences but practice love instead.

Why do humans need to be a part of a specific community to feel accepted?
Why do we need to fight for our rights? Why can’t we be humans individually, yet together?

I come across these questions atleast once or twice a day, yet the answer to it still lies deep

beneath the society rules and norms. Coming back to the question of why should we accept the rainbow humans?
Oh well! because they’re HUMANS, they’re breathing and alive, they love the same, they live the same, give it a break!
The message i want to convey through this blog is that the question “why should we accept them” is completely irrelevant.
I want to stress on the word “THEM“, When did they become any different when they were always a part of the same species? When did the term change to THEY or THEM when it was always WE and US?
I believe acceptance is a right given to every human being, the only difference is that we need to implement it on each other.
However, i look forward to a world where tags and labels only belong to apparels and not humans, and we all belong to one community wholly, that is the Human community.


“A right is not a right if one has to fight for it”. Meryl Rock.


The pride.
Allow me to walk you through pride lane, the word itself connotes something that one holds close to one’s heart and wouldn’t let it go even if a bunch of aliens were about to abduct planet earth. The pride community is basically a thoroughfare or highway which unites human beings from different nooks of the world, to explore the crux of love and life with the feeling of pride. The community proudly abides by the nature of the Rainbow, where each colour of the vibgyor represents the gang profoundly.
To be honest, Rainbow has been my aesthetic since way before i even knew that indigo is a colour. The rainbow oddly, gives me magical vibes and it also reminds me that after every storm, the sky will be colourful again, it is a sign of happiness and peace.


The Orlando shooting.

The Orlando nightclub shooting took place on 12th june 2016, at a gay nightclub called “pulse” in Orlando, Florida. Omar Marteen, a 29-year-old security guard killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in this mass shooting. A dispute between iraq and United States triggered this horrific killings. According to Wikipedia, it has been labelled as “The deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S history”
I wanted to include this melancholy, not because it involves a gay nightclub but to render that it is high time we put our guards down and embrace the fact that we’re humans and humanity deserves nothing but pure love. Therefore, let’s not kill humans for being human, let’s not make war for peace, let’s not hate to love.


“Be anything you’d want, but always, be a human first”.Meryl Rock.


My personal message to every reader reading this is, “Live for yourself first, then for others”. I don’t want to sound very cliché, but most importantly, believe in every inch of your being, and the best will be yours. If I’ve ever learnt anything from the man with a heart of gold, my boyfriend, it would be to “Love everybody with your arms open so wide, that you can hold each human, close to your heart, all at once”

Thus, if you’re in a hideaway or in the closet, let me tell you darling, you are a gem, you are made to shine, come out soon, the world will adjust.


Meryl Rock.


Let me bless you with a column which solely belongs to these super humans who shimmied their way through the haters and came out with esprit de corps. I bet their stories will inspire you enough to ace that career or to overcome that fear or to simply get your laundry done.

This story is about a cerebral girl who has survived the worst yet stands strong even till date. 

My name is Elliott. I’m 17, from Mumbai. I realized i was bisexual like 4 years ago and then came out 3 years ago. I also came out as Gender fluid some months ago this year. I came out on social media both the times, mostly. I have encountered homophobia by some of my friends and most of my family. Also biphobia in the LGBT community. And trans phobia almost everywhere. If i had a chance, I’d tell every person that be yourself, society has their own dumb views, the only acceptance you need is within yourself. Good days will come, I promise, some days are hard. We’re in this together. Thank you for giving me this chance to the most beautiful blogger. 

Elliott, Mumbai, India


This story is about an undaunted chap who taught me that “validation from the world” is not valid in the book of life.

Being bisexual in a world where it feels like you are never going to be accepted by either the straight or lgbt+ makes you wonder sometimes if coming out was worth it.At age 13 I got my first girlfriend and first serious relationship. I was debating for a year or two at this point about who I was, and when I got feelings for her I was sure I was gay. Flash forward a year down the line and we break up for the first time. This is when I developed feelings for a guy friend and it was so confusing and terrifying. I had no idea what being bisexual was because no one talked about it. I grew up in a place and time where you were either gay straight or confused. No one ever mentioned that you could like both.Anyway the next few years from 14 to 17 I was in an off and on again relationship with the girl I started dating at 13. Each time we broke up if I moved on I would date either guys or girls it didn’t really matter and it felt freeing. It wasn’t really until I was 16 that I knew what the term bisexual meant. I still haven’t came out to my family but all of my friends know. It’s not that I have an issue with telling them they’d be fine after I explained it, but I was raised with don’t ask don’t tell because my parents believe who you sleep with is your business. I would say the biggest challenges I’ve faced is having no acceptance in any community. I was kicked out of pride this year because people assumed I was straight.I would say if I could share my thoughts with anyone, just stay in your own lane. It’s great to be proud of who you are but gay or straight whatever you are, just don’t make your entire personality and life base around your sexuality. It will reverse any acceptance built up over the years. Be yourself, your personality is worth double what a small part of your make up is. 

Ali dick, Coatbridge, United Kingdom.


This story is about a poignant dame who put an exclamation to this phrase “Love is Love”

Hi. My name is Ami. I’m 23, from Mumbai. So, I realised I was a lesbian about 5 years ago, one night when I was super drunk in a house party, and I ended up kissing my bestfriend. I came out to my parents say 2 years from now, they had to deny it in the start and there was a vivid mess, nobody was around to yield the mess that was there. A year back when I was on my antidepressant and still meeting my girl hiding from everyone, she decided to go to her house to speak to her family, when We spoke to her family about us being together and wanting to marry, they immediately agreed because her mother is from Oakland, shes aware of this same sex lovestories. Her mom also went ahead speaking to my family 8 months back explaining them of why to let us do what we wanted to, my family agreed to. Got engaged 4 months back and are happily living in Churni rd together now, planning to soon marry. The social platform bullies have still not left us alone, and my girl is always been misgendered.

My only message to the society people would be “Hey sweetie, if you are hiding in there, just to let you know, there are atleast millions of us to protect you, you are very brave, come out”

Ami parekh, Mumbai, India.


For the cessation, let’s have a look at this blockbuster love story of Honey Savairiya and Esha Jhaveri from Mumbai, it’s a infallible tale of two humans who laid eyes on each other for the first time and “happily-ever-after” was theirs to keep.

Hi, I’m Honey, 21 y/o, from Mumbai. I came out to my mom first (2016 end) it was complicated and hard to explain her and then i came out on media platforms (2017 start) which went pretty smooth. After a year of educating my mom on LGBTQ+ for almost a year it was pretty smooth because she educated the whole family about it later and now my mom is eagerly waiting to attend a LGBTQ+ wedding. I have been in 3 relationships before finding my soulmate, first one was pretty much of a test where we were learning more and more about it regularly later due to alot of fights we couldn’t be in sync and we broke up, second one was way complicated than I thought it would be, major Stupidest decisions were taken by me in it which caused alot trouble to my family, third one was equal to not having a girl but a baby so had to let go. Then later joining my new work place I found this girl who was straight as fuck and she prolly ate Attitude for breakfast daily. We hated each other for almost 15 days.

Till we had final assessment to complete and I had all the answers written with me, since then I have been talking and later that month we confessed and 4th of next month we started dating. Believe me ever since that day I haven’t seen myself sad or looking for someone else or cribbing about it even for a single day. I love this girl so much and we are soon to be engaged. Esha was earlier straight and since she is already dating me now, its pretty sure that we do wanna do something extra to educate india about our community, spread awareness about it so that alot of people with mental illness due to peer, family or any pressure can open up. My family have accepted Esha in a very Beautiful way my mom is very excited about us getting married. And soon we will. Our message to anyone reading this would be, anything in this world is possible, we can together make a better world with better knowledge. We just need to be united and anybody ever wanna talk to us or need suggestions we are hereHoney Sarvaiya, Mumbai, India

For the closure, I’d like to quote a wise phrase from my favourite movie, “Lion King”, where rafiki says to simba,
“The past can hurt, but the way i see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”.  Similarly, being a human can hurt sometimes, but the way i see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.

Stay blessed:


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