Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India

Top 10 Self-Publishing Companies in India

Many books are still saved as a word document instead of being at the reader’s hand because of the tedious process of editing, marketing, cover designing, printing and publishing. These activities demand a lot of hard work and a steep learning curve even after the valiant efforts of writing each word for the book. Thankfully, self -publishing is a boon in this competitive world of thought writers. Now publishing your own book is an obvious dream come true with various self-publishing companies around the globe. 

In India also various self-publishing firms are emerging with great plans to suit the very requirements of authors in India. Many such companies have given Amazon and Flipkart best sellers. These publications provide full control to the author at every step. Self-Publication provides various services like Book Editing, Book Marketing, Book cover designs, Social Media Marketing and Book Printing Services. 

We have listed top 10 best self-publishing companies to make your work much easier in searching for the best suitable publisher according to your book needs. 

Notion Press:

  • Notion Press works with the idea of Publish here, sell everywhere. As an author you can look for their Guided Publishing Program or Xpress Publishing Program to best suit your publishing needs. Notion Press is marked as one of the best self-publishing company by authors in India.   
  • Notion Press is the fastest growing self-publishing platform with 187K+ registered writers and successfully published over 16k+ books distributed over 140+ countries. They also provide various Tailor-Made Publishing Packages to customize the publishing process according to the needs of various authors.
  • Notion Press is based out of Chennai and started in 2012. They claim to have published 16000+ titles till date with 8 years of experience. They have a blog section which has helpful content for new authors. Authors writing in language English, Tamil and Hindi can approach them for their exclusive services. 
  • An Excellent and Dedicated Team with an established presence in the publishing industry.

-Vivek Sreedhar, author of Ketchup & Curry

Bluerose Publishers

    • Blue Rose Publishers are an experienced and affordable Delhi based self-publishing company, with a huge network across the nation. With over 3000+ titles of different languages and genres published in the recent past, BLUE ROSE PUBLISHERS stands as one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms in India. If you write in English and Hindi, or in Bengali, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi and other regional languages then you can choose them to help you in publishing.         
    • You can trust them with your assignments with 1700+ published books, 3000+ writing & illustration projects and 2500+ clients.
    • Since year 2012, Bluerose publishers have around 7 years of experience with a wide reach in over 120 countries and more than 40,000 + locations through the world’s best platforms.
    • I am very happy and feel so accomplished! I surely could not have completed this without Blue Rose’s constant assistance at every step of the way. All the people that assisted me were very professional, and always followed up throughout the process. Publishing with them has been a truly relaxing experience that made the tedious process so smooth and simple.”



  • Books is brought to you by the same team that has stellar credentials in servicing the international self-publishing market, making publishing as easy as Write, Click and Publish.
  • They are a well-known self-publishing brand claim to have published around 4 million titles,800 million pages,21000 book covers and 500 thousand authors.
  • Buuks is in the service of authors since year 2007.  Over 13 years of service, they have developed various publishing plans according to the needs of the authors looking for best self-publishing services under their budget.
  • BUUKS, the one-stop-shop for services for expanding an author’s footprint, has a terrific project management team that pulls all the right triggers to put the customer first. The timely recommendation by their competent staff on the positioning of ‘Father of Your Team’ was one of the factors that catapulted this book to the ‘#1 New Release in the Amazon US market place’ in the ‘Office Management’ category.”

-Dr. Venkat Kumaresan (Author of the Leadership life-guide Book – ‘Father of Your Team’)

24by7 Publishers

  • Your literature is your identity. Be the CEO of your book, At 24by7 publishers you can choose a self-publishing package that best suits your publishing goals. So if you’re writing a romantic novel, an autobiography, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, children’s book or in any other genre, they can help you reach your self-publishing goals at an affordable cost
  • 24 by 7 publishers acquired Bibliofilli in year 2014.  You can login to their site for the creative work they have done in publishing books and designing attractive book covers.
  • Authors who worked with 24 by 7 happily agree that they provide one of the best platforms for young authors.

“Very comprehensive and helpful services provided by the 24by7 publishing team.
It’s a great platform for young authors to venture out with their works.
I’m really thankful to them.” – A young author, Siddharth Bhattacharya


    • Pothi believes that “Writing is hard, publishing should be easy.” When you have done the hard work in writing your book the best, they will help you to turn it into a beautiful, professional book and present it to the world. They operate in a slightly different model from other self-publishing companies in India. They do not offer publishing packages, but offer the services a la carte and charge the cost of printing books. 
    • They claim to have published more than 11000 books. The costs and rates are not displayed in Pothi website. However, their service rates are economical, according to users. Their online distribution is limited to Flipkart and Amazon.
    • Pothi is based out of Bangaluru and began its journey in year 2008. They operate in a slightly different model from other self-publishing companies in India.

“Pothi.com has played a very important role in my life as a writer. I have self-published a few books using this platform and have also listed my already printed books for sale here. I am very happy with their services.”- Arti Honarao

Power Publishers: 

  • As a leading self-publishing and film production company in India, Power publishers can be considered to look for publishing your writing. If you are looking for Audiobook production, book publishing, film production, writing, illustration or e-learning services then Power Publishers can be the best to opt for.
  • With 1700+ published books, 3000+ writing & illustration projects, pioneer of Indian language audiobooks, you can trust us with your assignments.
  • If you are looking for a ghost-writer or biographer or script writer, they have the best writers since 2006. With the experience of 14 years into the business of self-publishing they are providing world class writing and art services.

Very happy that my maiden book in English titled “With me all the way” got released by them on time. The support and guidance given by the team headed by Pinaki Ghosh in publishing the book is excellent. – Ravichandran

White Falcon Publishing

  • White Falcon Publishing believes in progressing towards creative literacy. It helps authors in getting their books published through international self-publishing platforms which offer distribution services and make the titles available for buyers in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
  • White Falcon Publishing is a firm founded in year 2014, having 6 years of experience in publishing, book publishing, self-publishing, book cover design, book interior design, print on demand and book marketing.
  • “White Falcon Publishing is extremely professional and diligent in their service. I published my book through them during lockdown. Even in this situation they have very timely and meticulously kept their promises. Thank you WFP.” 

-Dr. Smita S reviews about WFP on Facebook.

Partridge Publication:

    • Partridge India is a supported self-publishing imprint powered by Author Solutions LLC—this provides an easy way for you to become a published author. They have an extensive range of publishing packages with the added services needed for authors to build their own publishing platform.  
    • Since 2013, Partridge India has helped authors publish titles across a vast spectrum of genres. They provide a great platform to publish books including diverse packages. The company has an office in Gurgaon but also operates from outside India.

“My overall experience with Partridge India is appreciable. Unlike many other self publishing entities in india, everthying goes in a systematic manner at Partridge. I mean from payment, MS submission, cover design, CE to redesign – I have been treated professionally well and nicely by the bunch of cooperative consultants working at partridge’’- Palak Mahajan,author of Wayfare

Zorba Books:

    • Zorba books provides is a platform for various passionate writers and readers having long commitment with books. Zorba helps in self-publishing Indian books with great ideas, adopting Indian values and MNC like work culture altogether. 
    • Having experience of working with 1000+ authors, Zorba books comes up with different packages and tools to help meet the publishing goals. They have hundreds of published books with effective marketing tools
    • The successful journey of Zorba books started 8 years back, in year 2012 to set the new standards for self-publishing books in India.

Publishing with Zorba books was really a pleasure as the process went really smoothly, and well timed, I was happy. The quality of the product is excellent, my book is also well liked by my readers. I hope it becomes a best seller in the coming months. It’s not just about selling, it is about giving a message through your book and Zorba was well supportive with that.So thank you so much zorba.”

                                               -Utasha T – Child Care and Holistic Healing Practitioner

Become Shakespeare

    • Become Shakespeare is a global self-publishing platform that aims at encouraging writers and helping their ideas to shape in a tangible form. If you are looking forward to convert your ideas and stories into books then you can explore their site having different plans.
    • As a fast-growing family of 850 authors, they have worked on 1050 projects and edited 350+ books so far. 
    • This is a privately held firm established in year 2009 having its headquarters on Mumbai, Maharashta. 

I have written a book named “In Everness”, which has been published by “become Shakespeare.com” this has been a great rewarding experience from the day one till the book was finally out. All of them are very helpful lot. My script was approved immediately and the book was out. I would highly recommend this publishing house if you are intending to write a book”

-Smita Jayakar, veteran actress and author of “In Everness”

We have tried to give you some perspective. Now you are in a better position to choose the best publisher perfect for your book. 

Just go and write, because publishing is now as easy as a click on the keyboard!

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