Word Impact Challenge August Entries

Word: "Happy Place"

Winning Entry by Preethi Warrier

Passage To Heaven. 

I spotted her at our lavish French window, gazing into the twilight.

“They’ve sealed the building. Who’s infected?” Ma enquired.

“Not sure. I hardly know the next door neighbours. Why’re you so lonely, when I’ve been here for months.” I jested.

But I read her mind, it was the passage. At the chawl, where I grew up.

Board games into the night, conversations across storeys, clandestine chats with teenage crush, discussions, celebrations, friendships, warmth…Those corridors reverberated with LIFE.

How I missed that clamour, home I once believed inferior.

“Luxury comes with a price Ma. Conceit, indifference.” I held her hands.

Entry by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Pitter-patter droplets punctuate the occasional crooning and the surrounding froth, setting the ambiance of my happy place. Locking the door from inside, I discover my body as well as the myriad thoughts that cross my mind. I introspect on improving my negotiation skills with my kid and the grocery items to be ordered, scrubbing the afterthought of the past days and washing away the resentments down the drain. It’s merely thirty minutes of soul connection but it rejuvenates me. With water dripping from my hair and unfiltered visage, I admire myself in the mirror, promising myself to meet again tomorrow.

Entry by Zainab M.M

As I was being wheeled into the operation theatre, I rummaged my mind for the doctor’s instructions.

“Breathe, relax. Think of your happy place.”

Ok, now, what was my happy place?

The sea, the mountains, my seat by the window?

I realised, oh no, I had no happy place!!

I was terrified. The doctors around me were chatting as if on a lunch break while slicing and cutting up my body.

I was numb, cold, exposed. The minutes felt like hours.

And then you came out from inside me, a bundle of bones, crying loudly, my own personal happy place!!

Entry by Ratna Prabha

I see a mesmerizing sight from my cottage nestled snugly amidst tall, majestic mountains, a steaming mug of perfectly brewed coffee in my hand.

Verdant valleys filled with bustling bees hovering over multi-hued flowers greet me cheerfully.

People strolling on the long-winding roads that snake through the hills bear happy smiles. The all-pervading tranquillity soothes my soul.

“You’ve been bid for, Shakti!” I jerk awake, follow the leering man to the allocated semi-private corner of the common hall used for our daily auction.

I hold my head high. My dignity is untouchably safe in my happy place

Adventures of an Indian Techie Book by Mallu Author Nipun Varma
Rakshabandhan Book The fading bonds of faith
Ten tales romantic book by Author Manali Desai

Entry by Anita Sabat

My Happy Place

I have a spectacular secret place where I can safely resign.

Showered with love, kindness & grace, I feel blessed & fine.

There’s everything upbeat & positive about “I, Me & Mine”.

My happy place is a special corner in my mind where I shine!

Best thoughts, images, ideas, & warm memories parade in a line!

I’m lucky to relive rich experiences & refresh gratitude & freely opine!

I revel by feeling pampered in my happy place that’s incredible & divine.

I’ll continue visiting my invaluable cosy nook & being happy even when I’m 99!

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