Word Impact Challenge June Entries

Word Impact Challenge June Entries

Word: "Minimalism"

Winning Entry by Namratha Vardharajan

Konmari of the mind


sit down in the middle of my mind, a heap of thoughts in front of me. I pull
out one thought at a time and ask, “Does this spark joy?”

that empower are placed in a safe deposit box. Thoughts that stagnate, drown,
or ignite hate are blasted off.

gossip”, spells the placard at the door. Stories that hug find a cozy
corner. Ikebana of warm memories is arranged in the chest of drawers. Empathy
is the centerpiece.

all around there is room to grow but I know I will have to clean up again

Entry by Preethi warriar

I wish him aloud as he wakes up to his birthday. No presents this time, no new outfits. A celebration minus the shopping and extravagant dining. All I gift him is a hug and some chores. A cake to be baked, food to be prepared, we have a long day.

We cook a simple meal and watch Netflix. We make merry, with no guests, no party.  

I’m rewarded with his enthusiasm and laughter. My little one enjoys my company, sans the piles of trendy garments and jewellery I’ve amassed. Our collective culinary effort makes lunch yummier than any restaurant food

Entry by Babita

Each day we are becoming master hoarders; wherever we go we pick up things at the drop of a hat. Sales at big malls attract us like bees to honey, online shopping enables us to procure garments, accessories etc. from the comfort of our homes. Along with our overflowing cupboards, our minds are equally jammed as well.

Slowly we have begun to lose our sanity; our houses have more clutter than love, peace and joy. Simplicity seems to have been left far behind, I can give up some clothes, books,  shoes and a lot more to be completely happy.

Bodyguard Book by Ruchi Singh
Papa and I book
Dashavatar Book

Entry by Zenobia

Roshni sat rummaging through her closet, wanting to look the best for the gala event. They would be commemorating the best in the advertising industry. She had toiled and literally given up on her social and personal life to reach where she was. This award would boost her career further.




Sheetal draped her mom’s favorite saree. Her tenacity, hard work and talent had taken her places. She never gave in to the pressures of life and lived contentedly doing what she loved. Her parents proud smile meant more to her than the award she’d received.

Entry by Aradhana Shukla

Before lockdown scenario! Grocery, food,medicines all a call away.

Phew! How wrong I was! 

Garbage bags! I ran out of those flimsy bags that readily swelled on my kitchen waste diet.

I was desperate to hide the proofs of my lockdown gluttony.

Alas I found none!


Determined not to share my gastronomical rampage with my neighbours ,I started burying my kitchen organic waste in my garden pots. Two months of composting and Viola! I had cheerful flowers smiling back at me .


 That day I resolved not to stifle life in polybags. I promised to renew, reuse and recycle life.

Entry by Rashim Rohit Brutta

Daksha, scurried through the stairs to reach the

Monastery.She was bent on meeting the‘Bhikkuni’

today to seek answers to her queries .She waited

patiently, while the Bhikkuni meditated.

“What brings you here?”

I wish to follow Dhamma and live a life of

minimalism.I wish to be at peace with my

inner self,just like you.I am ready to renounce

all the worldly pleasures.This materialistic world no

longer intrigues me.

“Are you ready for this?”


Well, I don’t think so.

Minimalism is not only discarding your

possessions.It’s also controlling your desire

not to be like someone else.

Glossary:Bhikkuni-a female Buddhist monk

Dhamma-the path followed in Buddhism.Another

Word for Dharma. 

Entry by Mallika verma

After indulging in a little introspection, I knew it was the time.

As I began, I stumbled upon something and fell down with a thud. It was way more clustered than I had imagined it to be.

A huge pile of guilt and receipts of unnecessary materialistic things greeted me.

On one corner, there was a stash of unrealistic expectations thrown at me.

As I made my way, there I found my ‘Peace of Mind’, sitting next to ‘Happiness’, shoved in a corner.
After decluttering my mind, I tightly clutched both of them to never lose them again.

Entry by Riddhi

The less is more

The lesser the clothes and shoes, the more the shelves available for plants and books

The lesser the number of friends, the more the time to invest in the valuable relationships.

The lesser the words of speech, the more the acquisition of wisdom by way of listening

The lesser the indulgences in food, the greater the well-being, good health

The lesser the plans for future, the more the hankering to live in the moment.

Minimalism is a trade-off of the sorts. Cutting down on unnecessary and frivolous, to maximize happiness.

Minimalism is a choice that I make every minute.



Happiness is a sparrow, free-willed, untamed

Sometimes hovering over mansions, sometimes over rustic huts unnamed

Sometimes laughing with blooming buds, or signing with the bees

Sometimes chasing the little pups, or perched over the trees

I have seen it guffawing, with kids running around the tracks

I have seen it pecking, with poor in their shacks

On a painter’s canvas, or a writer’s manuscript

Along a dancer’s anklets, it makes appearance non-descript

Someone found it scaling, the gigantic mountain

Someone found it soaking, in the garden fountain

Sometimes soaring above skies, sometimes walking on the street

At times lost in the crowds, at times on a lonesome retreat

Don’t crib, don’t grimace, just turn, look around

It’s always somewhere close, waiting to be found

Entry by Jaya Pillai

All that I need  …………………

Dewdrops cling tremulously to leaves, as I step into my garden. I breathe in the freshness of new hope. The night has taken away another day and with it, a bit of yesterday’s clutter. Time heals wounds and soothes the aches that tear at the soul. Somehow, they no longer matter. Those little frills that I used to drape around myself now seem like fetters. So I have torn them off.

       All that I need now are  just a few simple things – a slice of hope, tossed around in a bit of faith and garnished with a dream. 

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