Alamana – The secret of Indian Ocean by B. Talekar

B. Talekar

Alamana - The secret of Indian Ocean

B. Talekar is a fulltime writer. Her popular books are ‘The Dark dekken and Alamana – The Secret of Indian Ocean’. She started writing in 2011 and has written more than fifteen short stories and as many as seven books so far. B. Talekar has been honoured by many awards such as Youth Icon – 2019, Global Author of the Year for two years, Litroma Nari Samman – Kolkata 2020 and Woman of Distinction – 2020.

Alamana - The secret of Indian Ocean

Alamana’ the word has been stands for ‘as deep as Indian Ocean.’ This story is about infinite love, history, reverence and great disaster. This oceanic adventure will show you a new aspect of Indian mythology.

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