Hero book by Author Abhishek Krishnan

Abhishek Krishnan

Book Title : Hero

Abhishek Krishnan is an author, a screenplay writer, and an upcoming actor and a film-maker. He wrote the script and screenplays for two feature-length animated cartoons, titled The Turboosters and Pette the Prince, which were aired on Sonic Channel and Cartoon Network, respectively. Both the cartoons were recognised by the FICCI awards. 


Abhishek had worked as a film journalist with the prolific entertainment portal, Behindwoods.com, and is now working on numerous writing projects, which he intends to bring to light in the form of books, web-series and feature films. He has also acted in small roles in the movies, Thirumanam Enum Nikkah, Sillu Karupatti, Minmini and Mathiyaal Vell.

Hero is the story of Abi, your average Chennai boy, with big dreams of becoming an actor. A favorite among his friends, Abi is a trustworthy, loving, college-going boy to whom popularity and merit come naturally.

He effortlessly displays his talent and receives appreciation, his first love blossoms
beautifully. But the second he finishes college, he’s shattered.
The small little bubble of college is burst and Abi struggles to accept the realities of life. The love of his life vanishes and he is faced with deceit, unemployment and complete dishonesty.
His dreams of becoming an actor no longer seem practical and he is forced to, like everyone else, succumb to a normal, safe job.
But life, as always, is full of surprises and Abi finds his way back into love and also a way to pursue his dream. Through this rollercoaster ride, Hero takes us through the ups and downs of
a man‘s life, without getting too philosophical about it.

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