Mayaakatha by Meera V. Barath

Meera V. Barath

Book Title : Mayaakatha

Meera is a wandering Dinosaur and Passionpreneur. She is an M.Sc in Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, with 14 years experience in the HR, Recruitment and Training, with the love for writing her thoughts…

Currently she is freelancing as a Trainer and Coach and she uses NLP and Storytelling as a tool.She has published two books, Mayaakatha and Coffee with Soul. And co-authored 12 books Pinch of goodness and tons of madness keeps her sanity alive. She runs a Storytelling group called Mayaakatha, where stories Dance and  a writing platform called, #LetsMakeStoriesDino

“Meera, stop telling stories,” I was told. To me, it was a Calmness, which had the Turbulence of a Rough Sea, and a Tsunami of Currents hitting my Mind with Questions. Sometimes, I screamed in the silence, like a Bud in the Blossoming stage, Sometimes, I accepted the Sometimes, Sometimes, I ran from the Situation, And Sometimes, the SAME Situation brought me back to The Reality! The Reality, where I illustrated my ‘Illusions to Happiness’ and said: “Why not create Stories if that’s My Strength?” And I realized: Yes, Happiness is in Creating Stories. And I went blogging my Learning as A Happiness for 100 straight days, sharing my Experience and reflecting what I resonated, CREATING MY LEGACY Called HAPPINESS!

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