Smiles and Tears: Journey of a woman by Sukanya Roy

Sukanya Roy

Book Titles : Smiles and Tears: Journey of a woman

By profession Sukanya, is a researcher in ‘Consumer Behaviour’ where she learned and applied different qualitative techniques. With the help of these techniques, she interviewed many women from rural areas. The positive experience which she gained during the interaction, influenced her to work for the rural women. During her professional journey, she visited several areas in Rajasthan and imparted elementary skills to rural women. Along with her research work she devoted her time to academic pursuits where she taught courses like Business Administration at the Goenka Degree College, Rajasthan. In her academic journey, she received many awards like “Inspiring Bengalis in Rajasthan” by IEM UEM GROUP KOLKATA & SHIKSHA.COM, 2017 and “Women Excellence Awards, in the field of Academic Management & Administration” by ILDC-AMP, 2019. Currently, she is working at ISB, Mohali in the Marketing realm. Prior to this, she worked in the Indian Institute of Management for two years in the Marketing research domain. Apart from this, she is a creative writer and an avid reader. She loves to explore her capabilities in writing in simple and plain English so that a larger audience may resonate with her thoughts. In my recent books, I talk about my own’s life journey. My writing has appeared in Kitaab (Connecting Asian writers with readers Globally), Story club, and Soulitaire Platform. I do write content for Red Cross (Chhattisgarh) and other start-up organisations. Recently I co-authored books titled “A Nano-A Soulitaire Anthology” and “Joy of Engineering and Management”. Her love for animals drove her to find a home for stray animals. Her foundation “Home for Stray Animals” is a non-profit organisation which take care of speechless creatures.

Smiles and Tears: Journey of a woman

‘Smiles and Tears: Journey of a Woman’ is an amazing and prodigious collection of 13 stories. Each story belongs to the real-life experiences of a woman. The life journey of the author has gone through various ups and downs. The turns of life are knitted with words that catered to readers. Along with all the diversified reading experience, the book gives some purposeful messages to live life at its full. ‘God always has some plans’, and this spontaneously motivates the readers. Some moments are exciting whereas some are emotional. This is the beauty of ‘Smiles and Tears’ that’s glistering from it in every story. ‘Smiles and Tears’ is woven with emotions and designed with affection. A complete package to get the ecstasy by mere reading! A word about some stories. a) Last letter to husband: Marriage is often seen as a national passion. Without marriage, there is no existence of life. Being an Indian woman, we are not able to make decisions, and a decision like marriage is determined by our elders. ‘Last letter to husband’ is a story where a girl talks about her marital journey, where she takes the most important decision of her life i.e. “to step out of a marriage where respect and love don’t exist”. b) Acceptance: It is the story of a friendship. “Bindu” belongs to Hijra Community far from being a perfect society. I find the beautiful connection in the imperfect world, where I meet the most beautiful persons “Chahat & Bindu” and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life who taught me the power of words in life. Cheers to friendship!!! c) God’s World: Ashutosh a construction worker, taught me pondering about life. People often end up with the consideration of luxurious life, but it is God’s world that we must make happy instead of running after money and materialistic world.

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