Tales of Wizardencil by Sreeparna Sen

Sreeparna Sen

Tales of Wizardencil

Sreeparna Sen, a Banker by profession, finds her solace in writing. A Computer Engineer by education, she is a voracious reader. When she is not dealing with the loan documents, you can mostly find her nose in a book or Facebook. Procrastination is her middle name and she does not hesitate to put out for tomorrow what she can do today. She has authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and Kolkata Chronicles and co-authored few anthologies like Hawk’s Nest, Sweek Flash fiction Book Part 2 and 4 and Sharing Lipstick. Her blogs have been featured in pages like Momspresso, Women’s Web and Bonobology. Sreeparna frequently writes in her blog Wizardencil By Sreeparna Sen in WordPress and manages a Facebook page with the same name, where you can find stories written both in English and Bengali. You can follow on Follow her website at wizardencil.com.

A Potterhead, she adores the magical world Harry Potter and till date trying to figure out which owl misplaced her Hogwarts letter. Sreeparna aspires to be the Head of a bank, a bestselling author and owner of a library (yes, in this life only)

Tales of Wizardencil

Stories are a portable magic, they say. Such magical words about the beautiful world around us has been collected and complied from the nib of Wizardencil. Tales of Wizardencil is such an assortment of differerent kinds of Microfiction, flash fiction and short stories. It’s a collage of emotions,exquisitely crafted from threads of diverse feelings, in a backdrop of in depth understanding of the human mind.

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