When Fate Kicks by Piya Gajbe

Piya Gajbe

Book Title : When Fate Kicks

Piya Gajbe is an advocate and a writer by choice. Having written a number of short stories, blogs and articles for various online platforms and offline magazines, she has recently published her debut novel, ‘When Fate Kicks’. Poetry is soul therapy for her and she has a published collection of poems, “Dews N Petals” to her credit. An author, who believes firmly that there are stories all around us, she mostly finds her characters in the surroundings of mundane life. She loves to bring out the extraordinary tales of ordinary people around her through her writings. 

A doting mother to a son and an avid reader, apart from writing she loves to engage herself in music, arts and painting.

The chief protagonist Gautam hails from a middle class Bengali family. Like all youngsters he too nurtures his own dreams and thereon sets out on a journey which has umpteen twists and turns and roughs and tumbles. This pursuit of Gautam takes him through various phases of life, each time, teaching him a valuable lesson. From the teenage romance of 90s, the story offers you a ride replete with emotions, love, friendships and daunting challenges.Will Gautam ever be able to overcome the physical and emotional setbacks he receives at the peak of his college life? Is life all about settling with a lucrative job and going through a mundane routine thereafter? The story of an ordinary man leavened with his extraordinary perseverance and indomitable spirit espouses the belief of PB Shelly “ If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” and lends the courage to keep rowing the boat even when the tides of life turn against you.

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