When Padma Bani Paula Book by Anupama Jain

Anupama Jain

Book Titles : When Padma Bani Paula

She has contributed to – Chronicles of Urban Nomads, Crossed & Knotted( India’s first Composite Novel, 2016 LIMCA book of Records Holder), When They Spoke, Mock Stalk & Quarrel – (all published by Readomania), ’When Women Speak Up’ an e-book by Women’s Web (2018).

Anupama, Founder & Admin, SeniorSchoolMoms (Facebook Group), blogs at akkaacerbic.wordpress.com(listed in the Best Indian Blogs Directory 2018, under Topical Matters and Current Affairs Category).

Orange Flower Awards – She is the Winner 2018, the Runner-Up 2017, Humour category, and the Finalist, Creative Writing category

Anupama was listed as one of the 10 Indian women bloggers, a feminist must follow, by Women’s Web, July 2017.  Her short tale of 27 words was one of the top 5 #100wordstory 2018, @momspresso.

Her story on marital morass was one of the top 14 blogs of 2017 out of 18,000+ blogs published annually at momspresso.com. Anupama wrote a satirical piece at readomania.com – ‘AJ Wants to Know’  taking on the quirky world around with its vagaries. She is currently penning her third book, a sequel to her debut


When Padma Bani Paula

A smart and young woman about town, with an upwardly mobile career, suddenly finds herself unseated by the boss, very publicly, for a much younger lass. As she storms off humiliated, dejected and on the brink of losing everything she has in life, her long-discarded South-Indian roots come handy for comfort and help her strike back at life.
Will she succeed as she clings to the second chances that life offers? Will she mend the much-broken and discarded familial fences, along the way? Can she get lucky in the matters of the heart after a very-public break-up?
When Padma Bani Paula is a tale about second innings because everyone deserves another chance at acing karma!

When Padma Bani Paula

In this world, love manifests in its myriad ways―be it maternal love or paternal, marital or extra-marital, or simply young blossoming love―love is the strangest and strongest glue.
These 15 tales are stories of you and me, just a slice of the everyday lives that bring out the love in all forms. There will be a lot of you and me, there will be a lot of him and her and there will be a lot of our moments scattered in them.

The Book of Horror

Are ghosts for real or just a figment of our imagination fed by a heavy dose of literature and lore? Or are they a product of our guilty minds? A manifestation of our fear of the unseen, the unknown?
Can wronged people come back from the grave to avenge their deaths? Can a little baby really be the devil incarnate? Can a bereaved husband talk to his dead wife and even help her take revenge? Can the dead communicate with the living? Can ghosts save lives? Are ghost whisperers for real?
The Readomania Book of Horror will make you question your beliefs, your assumptions about the paranormal. It will make you look over your shoulder forever. Shhhh….

Authors: Anupama Jain, Archana Sarat, Ayan Pal, Bhaswar Mukherjee, Deepti Menon, Harshali Singh, Mira Saraf, Proyashi Barua, Rituparna Ghosh, Sourabh Mukherjee, Ushasi Sen Basu

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Indian Comedy Book When Padma Bani Paula by Anupama Jain

When Padma Bani Paula Book by Anupama Jain

Anupama Jain Book Titles : When Padma Bani Paula She has contributed to – Chronicles of Urban Nomads, Crossed &

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