Support SHEROES.

30 survivors being provided 5, 000 Rs for 6 months

Sharing Stories Supports Sheroes

‘Sharing Stories’ loves to spread Humanity. As a part of its “Imagine – World Harmony through Writing ” campaign, we, at Sharing Stories, extend our support for ‘SHEROES’, Survivors of acid attack. 

Please do support this cause!!! 

*Sharing Stories does NOT charge any fees from this Fund Raising.

About this Initiative

A cup of acid can destroy a woman’s life forever. Many of the survivors are attacked when they’re very young and continue to pay the price of a crime they have not committed. 

The Chhanv Foundation employs 30 survivors, the Sheroes at their Sheroes Hangout cafes in Agra and Lucknow. Cafe Sheroes Hangout Project not only provides employment opportunities to women but also a platform where they come out with courage in a fight against stigma and discrimination.

As the crisis around the pandemic grows, the livelihoods of many survivors and their families surviving on daily wages have been shaken up. There are many, who rely on the support provided by their carers, particularly at risk during this difficult period.

Chaanv has also suffered a shortage of funds due to the lockdown and the closure of cafes (70 % of its funds used to come form the cafes), and the future is uncertain for these outlets because of the lingering effects of the lockdown and a fall in tourism, especially in Agra.

To ensure that all of the survivors are re-skilled according to the new plans of empowering them, including learning tailoring and the creation of edible products, a survival amount of  of ₹ 5000 to 30 Survivors for 6 months will be provided.

30 survivors being provided 5, 000 Rs for 6 months amounts to 9 lakhs and the fundraiser requests 10 lakhs in order to cover any emergency needs that arise for the immunocompromised survivors.

Please chip in a little for these brave souls, who need our hand during these difficult times. No amount is too small—the beauty of crowdfunding is that many of us can add a little to the pot and every bit will add up to make the amount. They have already hit……, and with your help, we can cheer them out to the finishing line and ensure that these Sheroescan emerge stronger.

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