How the Readers choose a book?

How many times have you picked up a book to read exclusively based on your gut instinct?  Readers follow some basic rules while picking up a book to read.

First and foremost is the name of the Author. If the author is famous and has a wider reach to the readers, the chances of picking up his book increase manifolds. Many of us have a coveted list of favourite authors and can never miss any book written by them, even if some of the books by them had turned out to be a total disaster.

The other factor which often influences the readers’ mind is the word ‘Best-seller’. The minute one sees the prefix of best-seller attached to any title of the book they are drawn towards it. The notion which a reader has, if it is a best-seller, then it must be a good pick. However, because of online shopping platforms and the marketing technicalities, the term ‘Best- Seller’ has evolved a new meaning to itself. The number game and fluctuating rankings in the listing can often confuse the reader.

The book cover can also have a great impact on the minds of a reader. Highly attractive and aesthetic book covers with an intriguing tale to show successfully catch the attention of the readers. The right kind of book description adds value to it.

Reviews also play a great role in the minds of the reader. The firsthand feedback by the readers on various online stores and platforms help the readers in making their choice. Goodreads and Amazon reviews do have their own impact on the sales of the book. Also, ardent readers follow the reviews of eminent reviewer’s take on the book in various literary magazine and newspapers. However, these days due to heavy commercialization and marketing, often the question is raised on the authenticity and honesty in the words of praises showered on a book.

How can a new and upcoming author reach out to genuine readers?

For any new writer, the main task begins after publishing the book. Often it is said that the easiest part for the author is writing the book. The real battle begins after the publication process. Sometimes your publisher might promote and provide marketing assistance. However, most of the writers are on their own when it comes to spreading the word regarding their labour of love. With the number of publishing houses mushrooming in the literature world, any naïve writer can be misled by their marketing policies.

There are some important factors which a budding writer should keep in mind while publishing his book, either through traditional publisher or self-publishing mode.

  1. Have firm faith in your work. Before publishing, make sure the editing is done to the fullest.

  2. Be crystal-clear on the terms of marketing and promotion of your book with the publisher. Read all the clauses before you sign it. Many a time there are hidden charges applied by the self-publishing  ompanies.

  3. Make the optimum use of social media to reach out to your readers. Make your work visible on all the available platforms. This is one of the organic ways of building your readership.

  4. You can ask for reviews from readers and at times send your books to the various literary magazines for an in-depth review written by a professional.

  5. Don’t get carried away by the word best-seller. The numbers are often fluctuating on the online stores, depending upon how many times a particular book is searched and the number of copies sold in a day. During the initial days of the release of the book, many of your friends and family would be buying the book. Hence a book might be termed as a best seller on that particular day. However, for a good book, the momentum must be maintained in months to come.

  6. Keep your approach realistic and be ready for the sweat and hard work for promoting your book. In these times of social media and wherein the agents and publishers at times charge a hefty amount for some cosmetic marketing, you have to your own cheerleader. Blow your own trumpet and reach out to the people.

  7. You have to tap the real readers and not just your friends and family members on social media. For this, you need efficient professional assistance. Professional marketing agencies put your book on the right kind of platforms, literary fests and book fairs too. But the most important thing is that they effectively reach out to genuine readers. They strategize the visibility of your book in a certain technical manner. With the support system of an honest, efficient and expert marketing agency, your book can do wonders.

Newbie writers and authors can often fall prey to fake promises and wrong strategies. They are vulnerable to exploitation by author mills. Hence, the writers must be guided by not only their inner instinct but rational choice when it comes to the promotion of their cherished book, written with all heart and soul.

Piya Gajbe

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