Updated: Sep 1, 2019

*Compiled from the Author's experience*

We bookworms are a breed in itself. We have our own way of living, our thoughts and our preferences. Most non-readers don’t know how to approach a bookworm or what to do with one in a friend circle. Here are a few tips, compiled from my experience and a little googling to let you know what to do and what not to do in the presence of a bookworm. (Don’t mind my exaggerations, we kind of live in an imaginary universe always.

1. We always carry books, no matter where we are, where we go, we ought to have a book in sight. Make sure you have a spare in case we panic.

2.We are organised hoarders specific to books and bookish merch. Our bookshelves is our canvas and treasure. Do not dare disturb it.

3.Any book that comes out as movie, we have to see! Just so we can boast about how better the book is.

4. Beware before initiating a conversation with a bookworm, they will direct it to books and then ram your head with recommendations and fangirling. Be prepared.

5. The ideal small talk is not “what do you do in your spare time?” We read! We are probably replaying a bookish scenario in our mind while talking to you.

6. If we ever wander off without informing you, there’s probably a library or bookstore around. Search for us there.

7. Know the risks of coming to shopping with us, we might end up buying tons of books and probably more just because we have more hands to carry.

8. If you know we are a bookworm and you don’t present us with books as gifts on special occasions, we judge you!

9. Don’t assume bookworms to be introverts, we can talk for hours, render you speechless, tell you tons of things you never could have imagined and still not run out of stuff.

10. Lastly, don’t ever, ever ask the question “what’s so great about books, the characters don’t even exist?” We will go full on Kungfu hustle on you and won’t even blink.

I hope the post brought a smile to your face. It is all in humour, so, have fun reading. Readers forever!!!


From Karnataka, India

based in Saudi Arabia

Book Reviewer & Editor