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Updated: Nov 12, 2019


#100Words campaign driven by Author Meera V. Barath in association with #SharingStories is aimed at stretching Human creativity beyond its limits and inspire people to start writing.

Campaign Guidelines

- Each week an image prompt is given to viewers who can then weave a short story or a poem based on this image.

- Each entry is weighed by a prominent Judge mostly from the Literary circle.

- A book Giveaway is also given for the winning entries (Optional)

- Each winning entry shall be featured in www.Sharingstories.in and also gets a chance to feature in our Quarterly newsletter that reaches over 10,000 E-mail subscribers.

Winning Entries Wk1_Nov_2019

Placid, calm, beautiful. I watch you embrace the setting sun. Together you will disappear into the darkness, leaving behind echoes of your gentle murmur. You were turbulent, last winter. Raging in anger, tearing across the shores in a loud wail. I watched in horror, afraid to cross your path , looking for ways to pacify you. Till the sun emerged. You slowly receded into your space of peace, whimpering while the sun caressed you. Ashamed, you returned, to make your peace with the battered shores. They forgave you. Today, I spend a quiet moment with you, breathing in your peace.

jayashree pillai

I am a teacher, who loves to teach and also dabble with the written word. Writing is a passion and when inspiration strikes, I must put those words on paper. I love nature especially the mountains. Life and its experiences have often been instrumental in helping me to churn out poems and stories.


Jia looked at those waves gushing nearby. Wish she could rewind the clock and change that eventful moment. The evening when she let little Rhea’s finger go. After hanging up the phone, she had realised that little Rhea was nowhere. Half an hour later her body was recovered by some fishermen! She wiped her tears. “What’s the purpose of my life? I too shall surrender myself to waves,”wondered the guilt stricken mother. “Rhea. Don’t blame yourself. Rather, save any more Rhea’s from dying,”said her friend. Today,’Rhea’s lifeguard club’ was inaugurated; Jia had found a reason to live!

Dr. Pooja Gupta

is a clinical Microbiologist by profession settled in Punjab. Besides her plates and slides, she loves to cycle and sing. Last but not the least, she has found  her calling recently in blogging and she is thoroughly enjoying it.


Title: And Then She Left

She leaned against the old railing, watching the fireball sink into my waves. She’d stay until the twilight stars scattered above us. For months, we stared at each other from either side of the barrier. Her shoulders slumped in defeat, unable to bear the weight of memories that refused to go away. I tried to rise higher and wipe away the trails of saltwater on her pale cheeks. The crescent moon refused to acknowledge my plea. Suddenly, she dropped something into my abyss and walked away. It was the last time I saw her. A battered locket remained with me.

Srivalli Pavan Rekha

An MBA graduate, Srivalli Rekha also has an MA in English Literature. She loves to write, blog, cook, take pictures, draw and craft silly things. Nature is her greatest inspiration. She has been a part of anthologies. Violets in Hand is her first self-published poetry ebook.


As the sun was going to take a dip in the ocean, she stood there mesmerised by the beauty of spectacular sunset.

From ending an abusive marriage to raising kids all alone, she had seen all highs and lows of life.

Suppressing her desires, she saved every penny for her kids.The hardships faced by her held a striking resemblance with the undulating waves.

Now with kids settled well in their lives, she finally took the vacation she deserved.

With a new sunrise, she was all ready to start her life anew.

"Cheers to new beginnings", she murmured to herself.

Malika Verma

She is a mother to a toddler and a tutor by profession. Writing is her newly found love. Reading and travelling keep her sane. Being an optimist, she firmly believes that everything happens for a good reason.



On their 40th anniversary, she suddenly felt lonely and longed for Amar. She expressed her desire to visit Vizag for one last time. Children resisted first but eventually agreed.

The submarine containing Captain Amar and his crew had sunk in Vizag during the 1971 war. Their bodies were never recovered. She murmured a silent prayer and felt at peace.

People look for the departed in stars; she searched Amar among the waves.

She had made up her mind. As she slowly descended into the depths, she felt as if Amar had held her in his embrace. Finally, the reunion happened!

Amrita Lahiri

Amrita is a working woman as well as a mother to a toddler..She has a penchant for writing since she was a teenager..She squeezes in time between work and her kid.. She pens her thoughts into words and loves to read..With a little encouragement and support.. She wants to soar high in the privileged company of cohort..


Don’t touch my feet in deep repentance. Don’t distant away from me with a feeling of remorse. I can forgive you not, I can forget you not. A decade has gone by, to that fateful day you engulfed the most precious part of me. However, even a lifetime won’t suffice, for a mom to break free from the memories of her child. My yearly visit on this day is a testimony to your cruel act. The moist eyes and bleeding heart forever seek solace and confirmation from you that my child is in peace and harmony in his new abode.

Mrinalinee Patro

“Good things come in small packages” , that’s what comes to your mind when you see her or you read her write ups.

Mrinalinee Patro is a software professional working for one of India’s leading IT firms.

She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer who is also a trained singer.

While music gives solace to her soul, writing soothes her mind and heart.


Title Go Wander my heart

Go wander my heart, Soak in the lustre of memories when tiny hands built sandcastles, Let the zephyr of careless days caress your soul.

Go sop up the waves of passion of teenage years, Cherish seashells of victories again, Vivify your zeal for standing apart.

Go embrace silence and listen to that little voice, Efface pain and umbrages held over time, let your tears ebb into the sea, Go savor the peace glistening now after the chaos.

Keep wandering my heart, Trust the light to sift through dark fronds on twisted coastlines, to send surprises and blessings your away.

Anushi Batra

is a self-employed finance professional, mother of a curious toddler, a travel enthusiast and a coffeeholic to the core. New to the world of writing, she finds inspiration in everyday life and random passerby’s, imagining their life, full of experiences, friends, ambition, issues, sprinkled with a dash of quirkiness. She drabbles in both stories and poems and writes on several online platforms. Her poem titled “Blooming Peace” is also featured in the book anthology on the theme “Legacy” that has been published recently by Poetry Planet.


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