Author Interview with Faseeg Narkedien Young Fantasy writer from South Africa


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In first of its series, we are featuring Faseeg Narkedien a fantasy fiction writer from South Africa. Happy Reading!!!

Sharing Stories in Conversation with Author Faseeg Narkedien from South Africa.

1. “Sometimes, we do not get a chance to thank each one who has helped us in our Journey.” Let the readers get a chance to know about all the important people who have played a part in this Author Journey of Yours.

My journey as an author started primarily as a secret. Writing a book was something I had always wanted to do, so I started this not telling anyone about it. As time passed by, I mentioned to a few close friends that I was writing. They were encouraging, but I still kept my writing private, as I wanted this to be something I did on my own. I think it even took the select few friends by surprise when I actually had my first book published.

2. Can you share a few lines from your book and maybe give a bit of background?

“After some time of strolling deeper and deeper into the forest, Chloe’s hands now filled with all sorts of flowers she had been picking along the way and Martin holding a few stones in his own hands, they all stopped to look at each other with wonder as they could hear, in the distance not too far from where they stood, a majestic sound of water gushing. They all naturally proceeded in the direction of this sound. As they approached the source of this beautiful sound, their faces lit up and their mouths dropped at the sight they had just discovered.” – Passage from The Waterfall.

When I initially, or rather, finally decided to start writing, instead of writing about stories I’ve had in my head for many years, I decided to start on something all new. I went about it in a rather unorthodox way. I decided to take the first thing I saw, which was a picture of a waterfall on my computer screen, and use that as the title of my book. I then created the story around that title. I always knew that I wanted to write fantasy stories for children and teenagers, so I knew that would be the genre of “The Waterfall”. I have a very overactive imagination, so ideas just started flowing. With many random thoughts running through my mind, the story began to manifest in a way that I would need to make this a series of books, rather than just one story. So volume 1 of The Waterfall serves as an introduction for more books to come in a series of the same main title.

There will be more character development in upcoming books and be more detail in the storytelling.

3. Can you talk about any interesting character from your book?

I think each character has a little bit of me in their personalities. Just a little. The one character, Louise, was written to be a bit of a sarcastic, feisty girl who just says whatever is on her mind. She jokes about things when it’s inappropriate and uses humor to hide any sort of fear or nervousness she may have in a situation. She’s possibly one of the more relatable characters in the book.

4.Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I am currently working on Volume 2 in my series of The Waterfall. I had meant to be a lot further with it by now, but somewhere along the line after publishing Volume 1, I got distracted with another idea that came to me one evening, and I ended up writing a short story named “Lakna’s Monster”. I saw a girl on TV named Lakna and found her name to be quite interesting. So immediately I thought “Lakna’s Monster”, a sort of play on the legendary “Loch Ness Monster”, could be a story. Of course, the book has nothing to do with the Scottish monster, except for the title sounding so similar. Again, this was a book written and developed around the title. It’s another fantasy story, but more light-hearted and humorous.

5. According to you which are the 5 books everyone should read and also Who are your top 3 Authors?

This may come as a surprise, but ‘Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. This was one of the first books, as a child, that really gripped me. I had seen it various versions on TV, but the book itself really pulled me in. It made me feel as if I was in Wonderland.

It’s hard to say which 5 books everyone should read, but being a fantasy writer and fan myself, I would say all of the Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia books are must-reads. And if you’re into mystery, generally any Agatha Christie novel is great.

Having said that, my top authors would be J. K. Rowling. Her mind seems to be filled with endless possibilities. To be able to create the world that did is something a fantasy writer aspires to be able to do. We may have all of these ideas floating around in our minds, but to convey it the way she has is absolutely amazing.

Lewis Carroll, because he sparked my interest in fantasy worlds. He wrote children’s fiction and pulled me in as a child. His books are more innocent, if that makes sense, which is the way I want to go in my writing. I’m very much about escaping the harsh realities of the real world into fantasy lands with happy endings.

And then Agatha Christie. Her writing style allows an ease of reading; it’s understandable. Her stories are thought out brilliantly; nothing is obvious. There’s a psychology behind which the mysteries are solved, you get very much involved in the plot and you can always expect a twist!

6. Tell us a bit about your family, likes and dislikes as a person.

I grew up in a very close-knit family. Outside of school, my siblings and cousins were my friends. We had endless amounts of family gatherings. I would literally see some of my cousins on a weekly basis, if not more often. As in most cases, we grew up, went our separate paths, but these days there’s social media that allows us to keep up with each other. I grew up in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and moved to Cape Town about 7 years ago. A lot of my family stayed there, and some moved elsewhere. But recently, one of my cousins came to Cape Town and I saw him for the first time after possibly 3 years. And although we had hardly been in touch over the years, when we saw each other, we could speak as we did all those years ago, as if nothing had changed. That bond is still there.

My likes and dislikes… First and foremost, in people, I like kindness and peace. Fighting just takes up too much energy and leaves everyone involved with awful feelings. Negativity is so unnecessary. I don’t like when people are judgmental and put others down. What could they possibly be accomplishing by doing that? Why not just be happy and live together in peace?

In general, I like the outdoors, I like exploring different places, I like nature, I LOVE animals (I put them above people) and I love food of course! I have to add that I really like sitting on my couch watching Netflix!

7. Could you share few tips for Young Authors?

Just keep doing what you’re doing. You will never be able to please everyone, as each person has different interests, but don’t let anyone keep you from doing what you love doing. Remember, you are writing for you. It is yours and only yours. If you have a passion for writing, that’s all that matters. You may share it with the world, but it is your accomplishment. Don’t let anyone’s negativity ever take that away from you.

Rapid Fire Round

1. Favorite Place, Person, Food, beverage….

The beach, my mother, fried chicken, Coke!

2. Your other Talents….

I have a degree in architecture and worked in the industry for several years. Building design and space planning is something I’m good at. I teach English (to foreign learners) part time. And I recently taught myself how to turn a pencil sketch into a cartoon on photoshop.

3. Your First Love….

…Will always be food…

4. Favorite Quote…..

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” – I don’t live my this rule, I’m very much opposed to it, but I always thought it was a clever quote from Kill Bill.

5. Favorite Character from a book…

Paddington Bear.

What if Round

1. What if you had to live with only three things all your life, what would the three things be?

My cat, my internet and an endless amount of food.

2. What if you were given the power to change one thing from this world, what would you change?

I would get rid of negativity as a whole. That would mean no crime, no fighting, nothing…only happiness in the world.

3. What if you had all the money in this world, what would you do first?

Spoil myself, my friends and my family (and then do other practical things people are supposed to do with money).

Author to Readers

1. If you had the chance to ask One question to our readers what would it be?

Will you please buy my book?

Haha, just kidding.

I would ask readers what they want me to write about. And then challenge myself to see if that would be something I could accomplish.

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The Waterfall: Magical. Mystical. Mystery. (Volume 1)

Book 2:

Lakna's Monster: A young girl's odd, but terrifying secret