Author Jayavardhan Kale

Emotions - short stories & poems

My book comprises of short stories and poems. Each story & poem will take you close to a character and its life.  

As a working professional interacting with people is part of my work life; when you interact with people you see a new life, a new and real story. These stories inspired me to write.

The characters in this book will take you to their world, will share their experiences; will make you feel part of their life and emotions.

My purpose to compile these stories and poems together in a book is to give readers a window to this world with various shades of sad & happiness. These shades of bliss and sorrow are part of everyone's life but how these shades are added to various characters life, is what this book is all about.

Experience life & feel the emotions..

Author is a working professional having experience in human resource, so author's style of writing or genre is more inclined towards human behaviour.

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