Bon appétit and the candid human by Meryl Jacob Rock

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The credit to the thought of this blog would totally go to my guy, who definitely knows me all too well to suggest that i should write on one of my famished love for a delicacy.

"Fries before guys"   - Anonymous

Image Credits : Meryl Jacob Rock

Well speaking about french fries, it’s not really french, infact, it’s originated from Belgium, but whether or not it belongs to France as well, is yet labelled as “disputed”. Since the name solely sounds french, I’m going to give it to France for now. To start off with, let me dive into the elegant delicacies of the French which will make any hungry soul even more peckish, as the blog itself is wholly about french and their fries. Let me highlight the nooks about “why there is France; where there is food“. French food has always been a delightful legacy of taste, from their impeccable presentation to their slobbering savour. The French cooks, at home or in a resto, believe in blending different ingredients to concoct a fusion of palatable food, so at the end of every french meal, do not forget to say, “C’est bon”. French and food go well together, globally for their finesse and flavour, which will leave you lip-smacking everytime, or as the french say, “Miam, J’en ai lèau à la bouche”

However, for me, Food is wholly based on one particular concept; “Flavour“. I am very picky when it comes to belly-timber, it will be pleasing to my eye only if it is appetizing to my taste-buds. (Yes i belong to that ilk don’t mind me!) There are millions of variations to cuisines, may it be the exotic Italian pasta or the stunning fish and chips from Great Britain. I’ve never really been an enthusiast of one particular cuisine to be honest. However, my curiosity for French food grew drastically after watching “Julie & Julia“, a movie on Julia child, an American chef who introduced French cuisine to the American public with her debut cookbook, “Mastering the art of French cooking“, in which she has taken French recipes to a paramount, from the ‘Classic French brioche‘ to the ‘Terrific Beef bourguignon‘. If you ever wonder where I’ve got my French hankering from? It’s Julia child!

"I was 32 when i started cooking; up until then, i just ate."        - Julia child

Image Credits : Meryl Jacob Rock

Well, i was on a lookout to acquiesce my craving for a delicacy which would not only pervade my appetite but also satisfy my degustation. The hunting expedition was on and about, until i found the utopia of food, a place in my vicinity which was my holy grail to take a hike into the luscious savour while i escape my existence. This haven, indubitably, is none other than our own, PIC-A-BITE, it’s a place of spectacular opulence and grandeur and the ambiance is to die for. There are distinct variations to their delish recipes on the menu, from the crunchy piquant patty burgers to the stun platter of English breakfast. Seven years down the line, the team has been plating up tempting food to elate our cruel days. Also, stand-up comedy has been added to the menu recently, so laugh your bottoms off!

The owner, Mr Juwel Silviera, strongly believes in pursuing your dreams, especially if it is an epicure and foodie one. He started off with a 9 to 5 job, which led to a wonted standard biz which then rolled into this splendid in-house restaurant, and in less than no time, he is appetizing cravings and conquering hearts. He is a gourmand and poise by nature, and has the exact perception of the fancy fusions being invented in that divine kitchen. As for me, i have a pally bond with this bistro. I’ve spent my hunky-dory days and grim days snacking on fries and bacon in this very place, while dallying away.

Allow me to render the story of how i stumbled across this grub paradise. As far as i remember, it was a rainy day, Me and my elder brother, Aaron, were riding away to glory, just to find an eatery where we could chow down a meal vigorously, fortunately my brother, with his, “eye of the beholder” espied a gemütlich and cozy little stead, it was lit up, well-furnished and embellished with festoons, and a parterre on the veranda, it was imbued with a strong feeling of home.  In no time flat, we were in and seated, waiting enthusiastically to be served with “La meilleur bouffe” My brother, also my bosom buddy, suggested that i get my hands on some “Lard fumé“, that is bacon; but i was finicky and surprisingly not a fiend of bacon. (Well now i know one thing for sure that i shouldn’t be all dainty and a fusspot to try out new things) He brooked no refusal and persisted me to try it out anyways, after alot of convincing, i agreed to go ahead with it. As i tarried, i could smell the aroma of every good thing being rustled up in that kitchenette. Momentarily, there it was, the “Viking” of all food, the perfect combination of crisp fries and tender bacon with some cheese to go with, as i nibbled on it, my sanity, all at once came crashing down, call it an ‘instant crush’, a ‘whirlwind romance‘ or ‘coup de foudre‘. I had found my favourite. Thereafter, the solution to every grapple, every feud, every dreadful day, every misery was this place and this meal.

"In the search of my most favoured food,

I found my human being."

- Meryl Rock.

The yummy tale doesn’t just end here, let me walk you through a sublime evening i bumped into.

This anecdote is about my legendary tryst with an amusing boy who couldn’t really sweep me off my feet yet managed to make me “LOL” or “LMAO”. It began with a “Can i take you out?” question and led to a reciprocal rendezvous.  The plan was a basic ‘five course meal’ with a bottle of wine, in a fine restaurant until i botched up and we ended up in my ‘all time favourite locale‘. Such a catastrophe! Was it fate or was it my unconscious fascination towards Pic-a-bite? Nobody knows! The evening twilight was salubrious and couthy, a bond was brewing up as we spoke about every possible notion, from our crazy family tittle-tattles to Marvels and country music. We became acquainted very soon and relished every jiff, while You are not alone” by MJ played in the background, and the world grew dimmer. It wasn’t “Love at first sight” or “You had me at hello” kinda sentiment, but somewhere between talking about why wonder woman couldn’t be super woman instead, i fell in love. It’s safe to say that i wasn’t totally head over heels for him, but one thing i could bet on, that i wanted to reminisce this evening with this very man, in this exact place, over and over again.

For the closure, let me say fàilte to the finale of my mundane and humdrum life. It’s unbelievably epic how two foodie humans could fall in love over fries and bacon on a table of four, and still continue to relive that serendipitous day. Exceptionally, if i ever have to narrate my love story, this pompous place would be the dawn of it. So grab your fries and bacon, because you never know, you might end up falling in love.

Stay full.

Meryl Jacob Rock

Native of Goa, born and brought up in Mumbai. 

Majors in English literature. 

A mixture of Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes. 

"I read less, write more."