Bonds and betrayals by Maisha Tasneem

A wise person once said, the worst betrayal is when the treacherous person is the one you had the utmost strongest bond with. Honest to God, nothing hurts the soul as this does. Bond is something that is built either over the years of friendship or maybe by some unexpectedly mysterious connection with someone by God knows perhaps an interconnected fate? There are certain aspects one needs to establish so to integrate into a bond. The most important of these aspects is trust. Thus, bonds aren't easy to be structured in a short amount of time unless those individuals connect on a different level. However, it takes but mere moments to betray someone.

Bonds can be of many kinds. Take it if it were to be between parents and children, a romantic affair, between friends, relatives and whatnot. True bond is forged only when there is a certain amount of trust and faith and most importantly, love. It is a bliss that displays emphasis towards ones subconscious and susceptible state of mind followed by a pleasant resource to assuage the said individual. Since it is perceived that when a mind is at peace, the body operates correspondingly and when the mind is unstable, the body becomes frail or incongruous as well. It is a fact that the human mind and body are interconnected with one another. Now, what is a betrayal? One might say it is the natural act of treachery. In common words; stabbing someone in the back. We all know how it works. Maybe your ally ratted you out? Or maybe they talk behind your back? In medieval terms, maybe your ally left you for your adversary and then attempted to kill you? Betrayal isn't always the big backstabbing moments.

Sometimes it could be just your best friend not being there when you need them the most just because they're not willing to make a rather small sacrifice or work slightly harder in consequence of aiding you or maybe they're too busy having fun with their lovers. Sometimes it could be your loved one stealing your spotlight or unknowingly replacing you from your friend circle. Even with these small actions, you could feel outrageously betrayed. Be it bond or betrayal, they are all formed by expectations. You expect someone to be the brightest positivity in your life, you create a bond with them. And if they let down those expectations or go the opposite way of those expectations, you label it as a betrayal. They are the two sides of the same coin. Quite apprehensive indeed.

Perhaps these precious bonds could be protected and betrayals could be avoided if we had understanding. Everyone wants to be understood. Nay, they need to be understood. Sometimes there are purposes behind every, bonds be it good or bad. The same is for betrayals. What is important is to understand why they do it or why they did it. Betrayal itself is a bad aspect a human possesses but what if they left your side to protect you? Is it okay to call that betrayal? Sometimes people bond with you to benefit from you. Could we call that a good relationship? We must not be blinded by unconditional love or overwhelming hatred. We must be willing to perceive the true intentions so to elude chaos. That's the only way towards peace.

Maisha Tasneem

From Dhaka, Bangladesh

Young and Hard working person. Exploring prospects in content writing