Deceived Pride - 01 by Abilash Geetha Balan

Hi everyone. This is a new conversational blog series from The series is titled ‘3 idiots’. The blog is a conversation between three friends named Krish, Jez and Munid who lived in a futuristic society, 1000 years from today. They get together every month to debate and talk about ‘US’ the Human race of the 20th Century, our actions and decisions over History.

The first blog of the series is titled ‘The Deceived Pride’.

Deceived Pride

1st January 3018,

Jez Walks into Krish’s new apartment, Krish had invited his closest friends from college, Jez and Munid, for the first Party in his new Home. Krish moved in 3 days back. The apartment was called the Ocean View Bay which is the second biggest property within the Bay of Bengal Ocean located 15 nautical miles from the coastline of Chennai India.

Jez,‘Hi guys, how are you doing today?’

Krish welcomes Jez inside the room and asks,’You were supposed to reach one hour earlier what happened? Jez responds, “I had booked an OLA Share for my ride, it kept changing destinations with new customers on the way, OLA has come a long way from a fleet of diesel powered cars to today’s Space Cars, but unfortunately they are reluctant to update their shared service experience, and then the regular air traffic in this route. Well that’s a poor man’s story.’ He continued, “I really like your apartment, living away from polluted Lands, steady fresh air to breathe and the beautiful mid Ocean View with Ocean Aquarium at the basement.’

Krish responds with a smile on his face,“Well, It comes at a high cost though, it has its own Challenges as well, Though there has been a lot of engineering advancement in the floating foundations, to host over 400 homes,it is still quite unstable during extreme weather like typhoons and tsunami.”

“But I had read these are designed to withstand the harshest climatic catastrophes.”

“They do claim that, We’ll know when ‘Almighty Elon’ decides to test us someday.”

Krish walks across the hallway and knocks on a door and says , “Munid, make it soon, Jez has reached, we will be at the deck come over once you are done”

Munid responds, “I am done.” as gets out from the clean room (UV and dust Cleanser) modern day bathroom using waterless bathing Technique.

Jez continues his cribbing, “it is any day better than living in that congested and polluted land, rich people like you can afford a Villa in the middle of the ocean. Lucky you. I wish I had invested in the Cryptos too.

Munid gets dressed quickly and they slowly walked towards the Deck of the apartment facing the vast blue ocean. The deck decently spacious and accommodated 3 big recliners and a round centre table where the Old Monk Rum was placed along with Bira Beer, Both very close to all three since their War School (College). Munid is a rum person while Jez and Krish liked their beer.

It was a Saturday evening routine for the three of them, time permitted by each of their wives.

Krish joins in, so how is your boss treating you these days is the issue still there with your boss what was his name Jason?

Jez responds,‘Yes, Jason. He is driving me crazy these days with the new software update, Alexar 3.0 has made him Go Nuts. Nowadays Jason is setting unrealistic expectations from work I need to find a way to crack in the software and shut him down. We poor humans under these Robots. Man don't remind me of it now I need to get a drink.”

Munid says,”It is high time you find jason a girlfriend.”

They say cheers and takes a sip. Munid takes a bite at the snack as it makes crunchy noise he starts a conversation. ‘I came across an interesting article today, Do you guys know how old is our planet Earth?’ There was a brief moment of silence, both Jez and Krish nodded their head ensuring they did not have a clue. Munid continued, ‘based on scientists from the nineteenth century, the Earth is determined to be 4.5 billion years.” “well that sounds very old,” Jez exclaimed.

“Yes, it sounds really old, But, the fun fact is that, this age is determined by a method called Radio-Isotope Carbon Dating, a very popular technique back then.”

“So what is the Problem in this, if earth is 4.5billion years old?’ Jez continued,’ Are you going to bore us with yet another statistics of yours?’

“Well, Yes, I like to think this as me trying to enlighten your dull mind, The issue is not 4.5billion years, the issue is it comes with an approximation of +/-0.05 billion years”

Krish responds in shock,’What? +/- 0.05 billion years. Meaning we are off by over a clear 50 million years?”

Munid responded with a gentle smile on his face,”Yes, a clear 50 million years of error margin, But the interesting part is not, how inaccurate this method of dating has been nor how flawed the assumptions behind these calculations were, there have been many claims by well known scientists on these techniques grossly failing to predict the age of various fossils, like for example the dinosaurs. The interesting thing is how this questionable technique has affected the Human Race for over millennials now.”

Jez gets curious and takes a sip of the Beer and asks, “What do you mean?”

“My religion is the oldest, my language was the first spoken literature in the world, This church / Temple / Mosque has been here for 1000 of years now. How each of us take so much pride while stating such facts from our so called flawed History.” Krish has been checking a few articles on google where carbon dating method had miserably failed, to his surprise, there were plenty of articles to support munid’s claim. He suddenly interrupts the conversation, “ I agree with you that your claims and these articles on google definitely raises a few flags on the carbon dating technique, But I am sure carbon dating is not the only method that is being used to determine the age of something. Jez joins the conversation, “Yes, I believe the age is determined by a combination of techniques, I am sure I have heard Stratigraphy and Index fossil.”

Munid responds, “Let me clear this for you, Stratigraphy is basically identifying age/period of earth’s layer in which the fossil is found and index fossil basically assumes and denotes a particular age range when this particular reference fossil (animal) was believed to have lived.” he continued, “Radiocarbon dating was considered the best dating methodology for fossils in the 20th century, a technique that was invented in 1940’s, My question is, how did you determine the age of the index fossils if your best technique was only introduced in the 1940s. How can you determine any reference fossil (ammonite and trilobite) was over 300 million years old?.”

Now, this is where carbon dating method has really played with humanity, it struck a dangerous chord, Human Emotions. With the possibility of determining the age of anything, it has lead Humanity to take huge deal of pride in their caste, language and Religion, I would like to call it the Deceived Pride. Do you know how many lives we have lost post 1940s in such disputes?.

Krish nods his head in agreement, “ I know we say most of today’s media is misleading and you should not blindly believe what is shown on Media, there is always more than two sides to a story, If all that we write and document today becomes part of History tomorrow, It can be destroyed or manipulated by anyone tomorrow.”

Jez,”I read this interesting quote on recently, “History is written by the most powerful King and not the rightful one.”

Krish continues, “if you stop giving importance to our flawed history so much, I am sure half of world’s problems will be over.” Krish picks up his beer glass and raises it and says, “Fuck History, let us live the present.”

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