Himanshu Mohan Jaiswal

Born in a small town of Nigohi, near Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh, Himanshu’s childhood was full of struggle. However, with hard work and dedication, he cleared the JEE-MAINS examination and got admission to National Institute of Technology, Agartala, where he pursued his B.Tech. While going through various ups and downs in his life, he developed a strong connection with Hindi literature. He started his journey as a poet. Love, separation, sympathy, sacrifice, poverty and other struggles of life were some of the topics penned down by him in the form of poetry. His poems have been published in an anthology titled ‘Vartmaan Srijan’.

Every human reacts differently in certain circumstances. His interest in exploring more about human behavior made him fall in love with Psychology. Presently, he is working in an American education company in Bengaluru. Along with that, he is also pursuing his post-graduation in Psychology via distance learning. Apart from writing, he enjoys traveling and painting. Basketball, cricket, and chess are some of his soft spots. He is the author of a blog, which allows him a way to connect with people. In his opinion, there are two sensitive topics in India; one is love, which no one talks about. The other one is politics, which everyone loves to talk about. Presently, he is working on his debut novel.

Published Books

Aakhiri Khat