How do I Self-Publish and Promote my book in India and abroad?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

How to publish a book in India for free (limited cost)?

Publishing a book in India or anywhere outside is fairly an easy task these days, with the help of Self-publishing companies, free E-book Listings and lastly through a traditional publisher. But as a young writer, there are few things that you need to ready with before your book can hit the bookshelves across the world.

Let me list them for you in a detailed step-by-step manner.

How to Get my book manuscript ready?

Assuming your manuscript is ready. By a manuscript, I mean your final version of the story is ready and you do not wish to carry out any major changes in the content.

Hint : Do make sure you float around the manuscript with a set of close friends through an email and get their feedback. We will cover in detail an article regarding creative writing on a different blog.

At this stage you are ready to reach out to a self-publishing company.

How to edit my book?

Once you are fairly comfortable with the final version of the manuscript, now is your time to get your manuscript edited by a professional editor. Since you are too deeply involved in the manuscript, and since while writing and rewriting, you must have gone through the whole content multiple times, there are high chances that certain errors can be overseen by the writer. This is why you need a professional editor.

An editor is someone who has good command over the language, try reaching out to B.A., M.A. literature or Journalism student or a college pass-out in your friends circle as a first attempt to editing. This works out to be the cheapest option, you may get this book editing work done almost at zero cost.

There are broadly three types of editing available in the Publishing circles

Hint: The words like a, the, an , etc is considered a word. Everything a MS word shows as word count at the bottom left of the screen is considered.

Make sure to read through the edited copy of the manuscript again to make sure that you are satisfied with the editor’s work. Because even editors can make mistakes.

Try converting the word to pdf and try the Speech function that will read out the document for you and you could sit down and listen, if you are bored reading. But the voice function is a little annoying, yet if you have some patience it works perfectly fine.

Cover page design for a Self-Published Book

Now move on to creating a catchy cover page for your book. You can get this work done by an creative designers. This is the ace of your book that will go out everywhere. Hence we suggest you to get a professional designer for this.

If you want to use an existing image from Shutter stock with minimal edits this will cost you around 3000INR. But if you would like to create it from scratch we are sure it can stand out from the rest.

Now since both your manuscript is edited, your cover page is ready and you have done the typesetting for your book and it is ready for Print.

This is when you need to get the ISBN and bar code for your book.

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What is ISBN and How do you apply for ISBN and Barcode for a Self-Published book?

International standard book no. this what you normally find in your back cover of any book with the a bar code. This is a 13 digit (normally) unique identification number for your book.

In India, you can apply for an ISBN for free through

A detailed guided video for ISBN Application will be added shortly. You can also refer to the application manual available at the same website.

Once you receive the ISBN, the next step is to generate a bar code for the ISBN no received. (an ISBN normally takes 2 weeks to receive on successful application) There any many free bar code generators available online.

Image Source : Sample ISBN image from stackexchange

What is the difference between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing companies in India?

What are the Book Printing options available in India ?

There are primarily two types of book printing used by Publishing companies in India

Offset Printing - Ideal for large volume of books to be printed. At-least 500 copies and above. This is expensive and not advisable for smaller quantities.

Digital Printing - Ideal for small volume of books to be printed, around 5 - 10 copies. This proves cost effective for lesser volume.

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What are the standard sizes of books for printing?

Most fiction and non-fiction books (excluding academic books comes in these following sizes. There are possibilities to print a size in between the standard sizes. In regard to to the cover page, there are predominantly paperback and hardcover options with both glossy and matte finish available on cover pages.

Hint : Normally a book could standout amongst other books if it has a good cover page and if it is of a different size. In a book shelf books are normally not arranged according to size.

How can I list my Self-Published book on an Amazon and other e-commerce sites?

Before listing the book on e-commerce sites let us see which are the e-commerce platforms that sell books.

To sell your books in these platforms you need to have a seller account on these platforms. This is possible if you have a firm with GSTIN no in India. But just listing is not just enough. You need experience meeting the service, delivery and distribution standards of these E-comm giants. So Ideally leave the online distribution to the Self-publishing company.

Hint: Amazon also sells in .com .au .ca these are USA, Uk, Australia and Canada and many other countries.

How to get the copyright for my Self-Published book in India ?

Once you have the physical printed copy of your book, you can then apply for the copyright. There are many companies other than the publishers who help you with the copyright applications with a charge ranging from 3000 - 5000 rs. But in case you would want to try applying copyrights by yourself you can get it done at 500 Rs charge at

As far as publishing your book is concerned these are the steps to publish your book in India.


What marketing Services should I Opt for my Self-Published Book?

Additional Book Marketing Services

- Author Website

- Social Media Posts and Engagements

- Book Trailer

- Book Give-aways

How to create an Author Website for my Self-Published Book?

It is highly essential for an Author to have a website to display the books and a place to engage with the readers. This basic website should have a basic one page Author Bio, The blurb (summary) of the book, a buy link for the book on Amazon, flipkart, etc and finally a contact and a blog page.

You can use the following platforms to create an Author website. With a little bit of patience and help from Youtube these platforms makes life extremely easy.


2. Wordpress

Hint: Apart from your own author website, please try and list your books and author pages on other blogging websites like this will give the Author and the book more credibility and visibility.

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What are the Advantages of book posters and social Media Engagements ?

Like brand recall, book recall is key for better sales. Make sure to make captivating Posters that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

· Be active various FB Group

· Create an Author Page and regularly Post them and try to increase the followers

· Use relevant Hastags while posting the content based on the genre of the book

· Go creative on your book promotional posts

· Appreciate and review other fellow Authors work

What are Amazon and Goodreads Book Giveaways ?

Once your book is ready to be published. The best way to reach out more audience and get organic and genuine reviews is through a book giveaway.

A book giveaway in reality means you give out free copies of your book to readers. First, You list your book on these platforms and people who are interested to get your book shall enrol for it and goodreads does pick the winners on a random manner.

Hint It is an open secret that these are meant for getting organic reviews, but, Goodreads nor Amazon does not appreciate Authors to reach to readers requesting for Reviews

How to make a Book Trailer for my Book?

For this you should ideally get some professional help. Most of the Freelancers and publishers creates Book Trailers but, in reality it is more like a book informative video. These trailers are not intriguing nor it seeks viewers’ attention. Check out this captivating book trailer by

What are some of the Paid Book Promotion Strategies that actually work for a Self-Published Book ?

For a book to reach the best sellers, it is not just enough that you publish the book. The book needs to reach certain level visibility, Positive reviews, Competitive Pricing Strategy, etc at the early stage so that more readers are aware of your book. Once your book becomes popular, then it becomes easy to sell it.

"I do not agree that only great books becomes best sellers, we have many reasons to believe why this claim is not right. With good marketing and Promotional activities even a decent book can become a best seller. "

These are some of the best and effective Strategies for book Promotion.

- Amazon & Flipkart Sponsored Promotions

- Book Fairs ( Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai)

- Physical Stores ( Crossword, Odyssey, Higgin Botham, etc)

- Blogging Websites (Sharing Stories, etc)

- Promotional offers on Ebooks (Kindle, Google Books, I-Books, Kobo)

It is fairly simple. Invest and Promote your book until it gets sufficient visibility and Reviews. And the book will sell automatically. It is estimated that a best seller on an Average sells around 25-30 copies daily. Once you are able to teach these numbers then as Self-Published author you stand a better chance of becoming a best seller. This amounts to around to ~10,000 copies annually.

The above suggested promotional activities will help you reach these numbers. but, do keep in mind that all these promotional activities comes at a cost. At the same time once your book gets popular you have life time sales on your book.