How to become a good writer? by Sharing Stories

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These are a few suggestions to keep in mind to be become a good writer.

Good Writer is a subjective term : Some people prefer a simple read, some prefer are particular about Grammar, a few are more interested in the narration, suspense, some take away and pace of reading. So understand your style of writing and try to work on it. Every kind of writer has their audience.

Observe your surrounding : Inspiration always around us, try to see the little details and try connecting them to human emotions. If you are able to strike the right chord in kindling any basic emotions like Love, Anger, compassion, etc your writing becomes far more relatable.

Write every day: Try to make writing your habit like meditation. Make sure you spend at-least 15 minutes every day writing. This help you get away with what is called a “Writer’s Block”

Forget about editing while you are writing : Bringing structure to your writing can happen once you are done with writing. If you try to bring structure, then, free flow of thoughts gets hindered.

Some off-beat Ideas

Train to Visualise : While watching a movie, pause it, and try to detail the scene in your head. Try and describe the characters, the backdrop, the intensity of the scene, emotions, etc. It helps you visualise things better and thereby makes it easier while you write.

Observe people around you : Try to notice their mannerisms and body language closely. Many a times you can get traits of your book characters from real life.

Practice Day Dreaming : Pick up a topic, a conflict, a youtube video and sit down and spend time on introspecting. This will open up new avenues of thinking and will train your thought process.

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