Interview with Luna Miller, a musician turned Swedish writer stepping into English Territory.


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This edition, we are getting into the mind of a dynamic musician turned Veteran Swedish Writer, Luna Miller. Her much popular Swedish book, "Looking for Alice" is being translated to English and to be launched globally in January 2020.

Sharing Stories wishes this Versatile writer all the very best on her new endeavour.

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Sharing Stories in Conversation with Author Luna Miller from Sweden

“Sometimes, we do not get a chance to thank each one who has helped us in our Journey.” Let the readers get a chance to know about all the important people who have played a part in this Author Journey of Yours.

I have always wanted to be an author. But in this life, with all the commitments and responsibilities it was hard for me to give myself the time to write. When my husband got seriously ill, I took time off from work to be with him. Since he needed a lot of rest, I suddenly had all this time for myself. And a need to make my dream come true, realizing the fragility of life. So, then I started to write, write, write… Today my husband is cured. And I have established routines for my writing.

My English friend Aidan, that also inspires one of the characters in the book, translates my books to English (original language is Swedish). He has also helped me a lot with other things concerning the process of writing.

Aidan has an old friend, Jill, (JJ March) who is a writer. I have never met her in real life. But through Aidan, she has helped me and taught me so much about writing.

My partners at the American, hybrid publishers Publish Authority has learnt and helped me a lot. And still do. Especially about marketing. It is an amazing journey to work with them.

Can you share a few lines from your book and maybe give a bit of background?

"I see through you.

You, who thinks you are unseen.

Private detective?

Is that what you call yourself?

You’re pathetic.

To go unseen in the night requires something more than you possess. It takes darkness and an understanding of darkness

To overcome darkness.

You are creeping after the scum.

The one who got caught in flagrante.

What is it you want? To save his marriage?

He is way beyond saving.

But carry on creeping, woman.

I’ll let you creep on...

For as long as you amuse me."

As I describe in my answer of the next question the main character in Looking for Alice is Gunvor, the private detective. She gets a case that seems pretty simple at first sight. But it is more than complicated. And someone is keeping an eye on Gunvor and her allies. But they don´t have a clue. But I reveal that person to some extent through showing his/her thoughts in that text.

Can you talk about any interesting character from your book?

The main character in my crime novel “Looking for Alice” is Gunvor, a woman in her mid-60´s. She has been a surgeon for all her life. But shaking hand put a stop for that. She hates the fact that she is getting old. Refuses to retire. Instead she starts a new career as a private detective.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

The English edition of the crime novel “Looking for Alice” is released in January 2020.

According to you which are the 5 books everyone should read and also Who are your top 3 Authors?

- All the Harry Potter novels. I humbly bow in respect for the fantasy and creativity of J.K Rowling.

- The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien because it (the trilogy) was so real for me when I read it. I remember being on holiday, hiking in Spain and I kept turning around to look if I was safe for the dark knights of Mordor.

- White teeth by Sadie Smith. A poetic story about the friendship between two very odd friends. Actually, most of the characters are odd, which also makes it a very interesting and entertaining story.

- The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I just can´t stop when I start to read any of his books. He is a real master of “cliff-hanger”.

And finally, the book and author I recently discovered and reviewed:

- Asylum by Carly Rheilan. In Asylum, you are presented to traumatized characters who has ended up in a country (Great Britain) and culture they can't comprehend. But the author makes you understand them. Why they look at the world as they do. It is a terrible story about cynical use of vulnerable people. About people that doesn't hesitate to sacrifice others life for their own pleasure. The worst of the worst in this world. And still it is a bright story of friendship and hope. About good people and unexpected ways out of the dark.

My top 3 authors are Swedish, crime writer:

Mari Ljungstedt

Lars Kepler

Anna Jansson

Simply because I like the genre Nordic Noir.

Tell us a bit about your family, likes and dislikes as a person.

I am married and have one son and one daughter. Both adults now. I am actually soon to become a grandmother for the first time. I am really looking forward to that.

I grew up in the north of Sweden, where also my mother was from. My father is Danish. When my mother died, many years ago, he returned to Denmark. So did my sister. I still live in Sweden, but since many years in Stockholm. Holidays are often spent in my father’s house in Denmark with family and friends.

I love to travel. One of my adventure, when I was young, was to travel by bus from Sweden to India. It was an exciting and a bit dangerous journey that took about two months and took us through parts of Europe, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

I have had the favor to experience more than 40 countries. And next week I will visit another “new” one, South Korea.

Could you share few tips for Young Authors?

Hold on to your dream. Keep on writing even if no one is buying your book – yet. Don´t give up. And learn as much as you can about writing and marketing. Everything you need is on internet. Explore and enjoy!

From my own experience I need to say that proofreading is essential. It you can´t afford a professional, ask a friend that had a good grade in the language the book is written in.

Write, for yourself, backstories on every character. And make sure that the characters stick to their role and speak the same kind of language through the book.

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite Place, Person, Food, beverage….

I love so many places in this beautiful world. Gilleleje, in Denmark, which is a place I have returned to since I was a kid. Because it is beautiful and because I have this great feeling of belonging there. My roots.

- Limone in Lago di Garda, Italy, because it is one of the most beautiful places I know.

- Berlin because is a fantastic city despite a difficult history.

- Taj Mahal for it´s beauty and the sad love story.

- I love spicy food as Indian and Mexican.

Your other Talents…. I sing and play the flute. I was playing the saxophone in a rock band in the 80´s.

Your First Love…. His name was Martin and I was 5 years old.

Favorite Quote….. It is never too late to live your dream

Favorite Character from a book…Harry Potter of course

What if Round

What if you had to live with only three things all your life, what would the three things be?

Toothbrush, computer, sauna.

What if you were given the power to change one thing from this world, what would you change?

Clean and heal the earth.

What if you had all the money in this world, what would you do first?

Buy a big house in the Stockholm archipelago with room for all my family and friends, and residency for artists.

One thing that you would like to ask the readers

My question is - What is your story?

Author's One Liner -

"A world citizen with a big heart and a lot of humor."

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