Old Beautiful Songs by Anjana Kamal

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Its been quite some days I have been spending time with me, listening to songs, ‘the old beautiful songs’ and I see myself falling through the beautiful childhood days. It induces a sense of nostalgia.

There’s a thing about the early 90s kids, they have had an amazing childhood. They have been the biggest witness to the advent of globalisation and yet experienced the days of simplicity, days when there were lesser luxuries but playing outside in dirt and mud was more than just fun.

Maybe, somewhere between sorting out our lives amongst work and home, we have lost the child inside us.

Few days back I went to a shop to buy some daily utility items, and there I heard a very old song, the classic song. ” lag ja gale”, and it took me back to my childhood days!! When every Sunday my whole family would sit together and watch, chitrahaar on DD national. They usually played old Bollywood songs and at that tender age, I used to cherish them like anything. Those were the time of no voice enhancements, no auto tunes and no big modulations. They just had meaningful lyrics, with sweet , melodious voice of the singers.

I was a huge fan of of Rajesh khanna pictured songs, and they were mostly voiced by Kishore Kumar.

Mere sapno ki Rani, pyaar diwana HOTA hai mastana HOTA hai, o mere Dil k chain, ye reshmi julfe, Zindagi eak Safar hai suhana and the list is countless.


The duets of Mohammed Rafi and Lata mangeshkar were eternal classics.

The era of RD Burman made youth dance to his tunes.

Even now whenever we play antakshari, we only remember old songs, because those lyrics were so easy to hum along. Songs today are great too, they are enjoyable and pleasing, but the old Bollywood classics are soul soothing, alluring and very close to heart 💓.

Its like i am taken back to days I will cherish all my lifetime. When there’s samosa and jalebi on the table for breakfast, so called special breakfast b😋with chitrahaar songs playing on the idiot little box, who would want more.

whenever I listen those songs on YouTube, they instill into me a sense of peace and joy, take me to those beautiful days and that still sound fresh!! They are soo warming and definetly a treat to the ears and happiness for innerself.

I wish I could go back in time and relive those simpler days and relive each and every moment with family and friends.

Anjana Kamal

From Uttar Pradesh, India

Teacher, You tuber, Traveller

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