Sharing Stories featured interview with Author Meera V. Barath, the Story Teller.


Sharing Stories aims at featuring aspiring Authors from across the world to bring World Harmony through Writing. Under this campaign we aim to get into the minds of these talented writers and inspire the world to start spending 15 minutes every day on writing, de-cluttering their thoughts and thereby bringing clarity in their life.

This edition, we are getting into the mind of Meera, the story teller. She is a published Author with the title "Mayaakatha: An Illusion Holding Reality Within.."

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Sharing Stories in Conversation with Author Meera V. Barath,

“Sometimes, we do not get a chance to thank each one who has helped us in our Journey.” Let the readers get a chance to know about all the important people who have played a part in this Author Journey of Yours.

Thanks is just a word. It's gratitude I owe. My family and friends and all the people who stopped by my Facebook page not only by liking or sharing the comments, in fact they are the reason for me to go that extra mile and continue my journey of being what I am now.

Tell us a bit about your family, likes and dislikes as a person.

Married for 14 years and live in a joint family. A Princess was I and leading a life of a Queen, blessed with my little naughty product who keeps me on my toes.

Naughty was I too, no wonder my parents got me married as early as possible. Oops the first guy, first coffee and here we are brewing strong oops, we sting too.

Likes : Love reading anything under the sun.

From a book till a piece of paper wrapped on a Samosa, not only mine even yours I will.

Can you share a few lines from your book and maybe give a bit of background?

Meera, stop telling stories,” I was told. To me, it was Calmness, which had the Turbulence of a Rough Sea, and a Tsunami of Currents hitting my Mind with Questions.

Sometimes, I screamed in the silence, like a Bud in the Blossoming stage,

Sometimes, I accepted the Sometimes,

Sometimes, I ran from the Situation,


Sometimes, the SAME Situation brought me back to The Reality!

The Reality, where I illustrated my ‘Illusions to Happiness’ and said:

“Why not create Stories if that’s My Strength?” And I realized: Yes, Happiness is in Creating Stories.

And I went blogging my Learning as A Happiness for 100 straight days, sharing my Experience and reflecting what I resonated, CREATING MY LEGACY Called HAPPINESS!

According to you which are the 5 books everyone should read and also Who are your top 3 Authors?

My favourite books are, The Secret, Who will cry when you Die, Shikandi. Rise of Kali

and The forest of Enchantments.

My Favourite Authors, Devdutt Patnaik, Anand Neelakanthan and Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni

(Pls note favourite is always on rotation like sun and earth)

Could you share few tips for Young Authors?


- To try different genres than the one we are comfortable with

- It's okay not to Google everything

- Keep writing 200-500 words everyday

- Be part of writing community

- Embrace feedback

- Appreciate who says, "I hate your work," and "Am unable to understand what you have written."

- Please give life to Grammar.

- And you can still survive for five minutes without the phone. ;)

Rapid Fire Round

Your other Talents…. Sketching, Storytelling

Your First Love…. Yes yes it's him (neither he knows nor I when it happened) ;)

Forget it, I have dumped him.

Favorite Quote….. Don’t Compromise your character for material gains!

Favorite Character from a book… Draupadi and Sita

Favorite Place, Person, Food, beverage….

Anyplace that can give me food water and shelter

- Person : Hmm myself, why not self love ;)

- Food : Any veggie food. Curd rice and a lime pickle is heaven to me.

- Beverage : Weekend (oops you heard it right), Well, a Coffee too.

What if Round

What if you had to live with only three things all your life, what would the three things be?

A pillow, Bedshead and Sleep ;)

What if you were given the power to change one thing from this world, what would you change?

Change everyone's password ;)

What if you had all the money in this world, what would you do first?

I will not tell you that I have one in the first place..

Author's One Liner -

"Don't believe her, she will not love you to the moon but she will leave you there forever !"

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