Sharing Stories featured interview with Author Sneha Kejriwal Saraogi, a writer by Choice.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


Sharing Stories aims at featuring aspiring Authors from across the world to bring World Harmony through Writing. Under this campaign we aim to get into the minds of these talented writers and inspire the world to start spending 15 minutes every day on writing, de-cluttering their thoughts and thereby bringing clarity in their life.

"The Author interviews are responses shared by the Authors directly and Sharing Stories do not edit or intervene on any of the content in the interview"

This edition, we are in conversation with Sneha, Writer and a Poet. She is a published Author with the title "Different Strokes"

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Sharing Stories in Conversation with Author Sneha Kejriwal Saraogi,

Sometimes in our lives we meet people who help us in laying the foundation on which we can sow the seeds of our dreams. Life sometimes gives us an opportunity to thank these people who relentlessly and silently have helped us in more ways than one.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have made me what I am and it’s because of them that I am standing where I am today.

My lovely family who are my backbone and who have always been with me through my ups and downs. They have always helped me to gain my self confidence when I thought I’ve lost it.

This journey will be incomplete without mentioning my parents who always told me that I am the best, my brother who patiently listened to my rantings not complaining once and boosting my confidence when required.

My sister in law who since her arrival in our family has become my confidante and whom I turn to for advice. Last but not the least my husband who has seen me feeling dejected when words fail me or when I am not happy with the work I have put up but, he patiently reads and re reads my work and puts all the positive aspects before making me aware of the negative aspects ie, the ones I need to work more on.

My family is my rock and I love them. Thank you for the support and love shown to me.

This journey would be incomplete without mentioning two more people whom I don’t know personally but, who showed faith in me through my writing and gave me the opportunity to publish my book “ Different Strokes,”.

A special thanks to Sairee Chahal( CEO and Founder of Sheroes – A women only community) and Shiny Haque( creator of Aspiring Writers community)who helped me in getting a step closer to my dreams.

I would also like to thank my readers as without you we writers will cease to exist. So you deserve a special mention and a big Thank You.

What/ Who inspired me to write?

My parents inspired me to write specially my mom. She always used to tell me to pursue writing as a career.

What inspired me to write was a small note to share my happiness on the day of my brother’s engagement. The applause I received post that made me realize that I should give writing a shot and well, I have written a book too on Wattpad.

Also, it feels nice to receive fan messages saying I am an inspiration for them.

These are all what has inspired me to write.

Can you share a few lines from your book and maybe give a bit of a background?

My book titled “ Different Strokes" celebrates life in all its shades. It is a collection of 5 short stories each different from the previous one. The stories are a celebration of love,life, loss, mystery and challenges the rules of our society.

Can you talk about any interesting character from your work?

Alex would be an interesting character from my book who knows a very big secret ie, how to be happy in life and happiness is something which comes to him naturally.

With nothing to loose for he doesn’t have anything that he would fear of loosing is still happy and lives each day of his life as a happy man.

Tell us a bit about your family, likes and dislikes as a person

My family is a close knit family who are always there for the other through times thick or thin. My family comprises of my parents,my brother, my sis in law and my husband.

Likes: Reading,writing,music,rains and chocolates

Dislikes: Liars and two faced people.

According to you which books should be included as a part of school curriculum that can bring a positive change to humanity?

Who moved my cheese?

The monk who sold his Ferrari and

Chicken Soup series.

What were the challenges faced by you while writing?

This was my first attempt at writing short stories and hence, I had to choose my words very carefully . Also,the stories had to be plotted in such a way that they are a pleasure to read at the same time readers don’t loose interest. Hence, correct usage of Grammar,picking each word carefully and at times my mind went completely blank. These were some of the challenges faced.

What is your take on Sharing Stories campaign “ Writing for Harmony- 15 minutes a day to bring clarity in life?”

I Think this is a great initiative. The habit of writing when inculcated not only helps you to pen your thoughts down without having to worry what someone might think but, it helps in venting out all that is bothering you and thus, you are a more relaxed person.

Writing for 15 minutes a day isn’t much but surely worth investing for a healthy mind as it fills you with positive thought which is a fuel for the mind and soul.

Rapid Fire Round

1. Your first Love: My father( a daughter’s first love and the first man in her life)

2. Favourite Place,Person,Food and Beverage

- Favourite Place: New York

- Favourite Person: My mother

- Favourite Food: South Indian and

- Favourite Beverage: All except alcoholic drinks

3. Your other talents: Writing poetry

4. Your mentor: My mother

5. Sports and Sports Person: I am not a sports person though am a fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

What if Round

1. What if you had to live with only 3 things all your life, what would the 3 things be?

These 3 are very obvious without which life on earth would cease to exist. Air, food and water.

2. What if you were given the power to change one thing from this world, what would you change?

I would like to change the way we are treating our planet ie, for all types of pollution to be stopped.

3. What if you had all the money in the world, what would you do first?

I would go on a world tour, buy a huge house with all modern amenities and where I could live happily with my family.

Author to Readers

If you had the chance to ask one question to our readers what would it be?

I don’t have any questions so why don’t I let my readers play this role and feel free to ask me any question they want.

"A simple girl next door who loves to live life by each moment but, who also knows when and how to give it back if messed with. I am also a brutal honest girl and don’t think twice before saying things like it is." Sneha.

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