Shortest Short Stories by Abilash Geetha Balan

  1. Little too late : "I said I loved her and she replied she was married."

  2. Saviour : "I killed him and his daughter said thanks for saving her"

  3. Hope : "I was walking through a forest, I know I was lost. But, I know I will find you my love."

  4. Revenge : "She was drowning. I knew I could have saved her, but I did not."

  5. Faith : "God created men. Men created religion. Religion questioned God."

  6. Prayers : "I was crying regarding my disability and the next day I was proposed by my wife."

  7. En route Kasol : "I built a forest to protect it. A forest where each tree grows from a dead remains"

  8. Farmer: "I sowed, I waited, I reaped, Corporates came, I killed my self and my family."

  9. Water: "It was in abundance, We drank, we played, we wasted, now we are looking for it everywhere."

  10. Soldier: "I was shot. I held on to my dear life in hope."

to be continued....

Abilash Geetha Balan