Why should everyone write ?

A world in Harmony.

How many time have you heard someone say, “Our frequency matches perfectly well” ?

This world is supposed to be a beautiful place and we humans and all other life forms living in perfect harmony with it. But, unfortunately, with so much happening around us, the things that we see, hear and experience has distorted our Harmony with this world. Our differences in perception and opinion has shifted our balance. At the end, most humans and animals does not live in the present.

A healthy Mindspace is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy individual and thereby a healthy society. By Mindspace I mean the day-to-day thoughts that clogs our mind. These are the thoughts that break the harmony of a human mind, make you think back and forth, taking your mind to the past and the future and keeping it distracted from the most beautiful present. You must be wondering, why am I talking about all these when I here to emphasise the importance of writing.

It is fairly simple, writing helps you unclog your mind. Clearing your thoughts by writing down on what is going on in your mind on a piece of paper or drafting it on your computer 15 minutes every day before going to bed can help you bring harmony back to your life. Now, imagine, if the entire world is able to do this simple act of de-clogging, the world could be a far beautiful place and the way it was intended to be.

You could simply write about anything. A few suggestions are below

· You could write about your daily life, this will help you identify what mistakes are you doing to yourself, this could help you realise your bad habits and opens up your mind for the need of improvement.

· You could write about your dreams and aspirations : Like the great Dr. Abdul Kalam, once said, “Dream”. This is a magical word. A lot can happen when you start dreaming. Writing helps convert your dream into action plan.

· You could write about your Political views : Your opinion on how the world should be and what could be changed, can simply change the world for good. All great Manifestos began with accumulating simple thoughts.

Based on our Interactions with writers of Sharing Stories and other Platforms. These are some of the common reasons why people write.

· To impress his Girl Friend on Engagement day This definitely deserved to go on top of our list. We do not wish to disclose the writer. It was a very interesting conversation that we had with this writer. He was in relationship for quite sometime and they decided to get engaged. This is when the writer wanted to gift his girl friend his first published book on one of the most important days of their life. She loved the gesture.

· To preserve Mom’s Love after her demise This was one of the most touching reasons. This person came across his Mom’s articles a fews years after her demise and wanted to publish this work on her behalf. It was a very touching moment for the entire family.

Benefits of Publishing

· To feel good about yourself A young kid in his school wanted to publish a book because of a bet he had with a classmate: This writer was not that great in English and used to get mocked at school over his poor english and thats when he had a bet with one of his friends that he would write a whole story in English and publish it.

Apart from the basic motivations like, getting famous, making money, building a career, impressing someone, writing could simply a means to make the world a better place.

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