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En Route Kasol

En route Kasol is a thriller book by Young Indian Author ABILASH Geetha Balan- under the Novella category. En Route Kasol is a short book that you can finish reading in a couple of hours or a day. This is the second book by the Author after being amongst the highly rated books in Amazon and with positive review the Author has written this book after a two year break. This book is perfect for teenagers and all general public Our earth is a mysterious place, filled with many urban legends and folklores. ‘En route Kasol’ is a tale of 3 people within the small forest town of Kasol, in northern India. Kasol forest holds many secrets, amongst them, the 106 acres single tree forest, considered as the oldest living thing by the scientific community has remained a mystery for many centuries now. A mentalist, an activist and a medical researcher come together and try to unravel this age old mystery. Amidst this thrilling adventure, they try to resolve a major challenge that has been plaguing mankind since industrial revolution. A story that is destined to stretch the boundaries of human imagination.

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Abilash Geetha Balan is a budding Entrepreneur and Renewable Energy Specialist. Born in a small town, Quilandy, Kerala, Abilash pursued Mechanical engineering in Chennai and also competed a master’s degree in Renewable Energy from the United Kingdom. Writing as always been of keen interest to Abilash. He caters to the Novella category of books that are short and easy to read. He calls his books as “Bridge Books”, these books are meant for young readers who are trying to cultivate a reading habit.
He has published 3 books till date, En route Goa (2016), En-route Kasol (2019) and En route Kota (2019). The first two books are thrillers while the third book is meant for JEE and NEET aspirants in India.
Finish reading your first book today and step into the world of Literature out there.

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